Trump praised Tim Cook as a great leader because he regularly called the President when he had problems

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President Donald Trump likes Apple CEO, Tim Cook. But the reason is not necessarily because Mr. Cook is running a large and most successful company in the world, but because according to President Trump, Tim Cook always calls him ” whenever there is a problem “.

That’s why he’s a great leader,” Trump said. ” Because he always calls me, while others don’t.”

Last week, Cook had a dinner with Trump at the President’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. The warm relationship between them is in sharp contrast to Trump’s attitude toward other high-ranking leaders, whom he frequently protests.

Other people who go out and hire consultants are very expensive. Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly,” – the US president said.

Tim Cook is willing to do so because Apple faces a lot of risks before every decision regarding economic policy. The company has most of the equipment assembled in China, making products like the iPhone likely to fall into trouble if the Trump government announces taxes on imports from China. Trump said he wanted Apple to produce products in the US.

Apple’s iPhone is one of the products listed on the list of 10% tax imposed on September 1, before Mr. Trump announced a temporary postponement order for laptop and mobile products: two This list of goods will be subject to tax from December 15 this year.

According to Trump, Tim Cook recently told him that the 10% tax rate is unfair to Apple, especially when compared to its main rival, Samsung, which makes most of its products in Korea. Trump said on Wednesday that it was Tim Cook who directly affected the decision to postpone taxes on mobile phones and government laptops.

The problem is that Samsung, a competitor, his opponent, is not taxable, and Tim Cook has. I have to help him in the immediate time, because Apple is a great American company” – Trump to speak.

Trump khen Tim Cook là một lãnh đạo tuyệt vời vì thường xuyên gọi điện cho Tổng thống khi gặp vấn đề - Ảnh 1.

Cook – Trump relations

The latest criticism of import tax is one of the long-term efforts to keep Apple from entangled in President Trump’s trade war.

Apple once asked for tax refunds for many parts of the Mac Pro in July. The Mac Pro is an expensive computer assembled in Texas, but the newly redesigned version due out later this year is manufactured in China.

Trump previously tweeted that Apple will not be deferred tax on parts of the Mac Pro manufactured in China.

When asked about the situation regarding Apple’s shareholder meeting, Tim Cook said he wanted to produce computers in the US, while emphasizing Apple was discussing with the government.

We will explain and hope for positive results,” Cook said.

Less than a month after Trump was elected president, he said that Tim Cook called himself to congratulate.

Cook criticized Trump for the silly environmental policies, immigration policies, and reactions that involved white rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Cook also teased the US president. After Trump mistook Tim Cook for “Tim Apple” in March, Cook changed the Twitter name to “Tim” with Apple’s apple-shaped logo.

Despite the differences, the phone line between Apple and the White House is left open. According to Mr. Trump in July, “the person I really like and respect is Tim Cook, and we will discuss it to find a solution.”

Reference: CNBC

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