True to traditional Microsoft: The newly launched Edge Chromium browser has an installation error

Tram Ho

More than a year after the unveiling of a new browser project based on Google’s Chromium platform, today Microsoft has officially launched its new version of Edge Chromium. The Edge Chromium browser is also available for stable download, for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Đúng truyền thống Microsoft: Trình duyệt Edge Chromium mới vừa ra mắt đã dính lỗi cài đặt - Ảnh 1.

However, soon after launching and allowing to download, some users discovered an error during the installation of Edge Chromium browser on Windows. A strange bug, when Edge Chromium users finished, the browser displayed a completely different language that they did not use, such as Spanish.

Microsoft has also acknowledged language bugs when installing Edge Chromium, and said the technical team is trying to fix it as soon as possible. This is not a big mistake, and it does not seriously affect the user.

The Neowin site has discovered the cause of this wrong language installation error. That’s when users download the Edge Chromium installation from Microsoft en-us, which is actually the es version (in Spanish), which leads to the wrong language setting for Spanish instead of Spanish. English.

Currently, users in Vietnam do not seem to be affected by this error. So you can download and install normally.

References: neowin

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