True dream job: Indian company is willing to pay over 30 million VND for anyone who sleeps 9 hours / day within 100 days

Tram Ho

For people working, the low salary, often have to work overtime is still not as terrible as the constant lack of sleep because they have to run deadlines every day. Working 8 hours on the company is not enough, many people even embrace going home, plowing hard until 1, 2 am to sleep on the bed.

But recently, the company Wakefit in India has made a very strange recruitment requirements: They are willing to pay $ 1,394 (32.4 million) for candidates who can sleep 9 hours a day, continuous continue within 100 days. Best of all, you don’t need to go to the company to “work”, feel free to stay home, get enough sleep and get paid for your paycheck.

Công việc trong mơ đúng nghĩa: Công ty Ấn Độ sẵn sàng trả hơn 30 triệu đồng cho ai ngủ đủ 9 tiếng/ngày trong vòng 100 ngày - Ảnh 1.

Sleep 9 hours a day for 100 days, receive more than 30 million salary, dream job is here.

However, this special job also comes with certain requirements: Candidates must be able to adapt to a slow, impulsive pace of life, which can help the Wakefit team find ways to help. people sleep better and sleep better. Prefer cozy spaces, like to take a short nap, have a bit of laziness is an advantage. In short, those who have a passion for sleep, can sleep anywhere, anywhere, can apply for this position.

As a job, of course you also have to follow some general rules such as: Do not watch TV, use laptop during “working hours”. Those who do not have the habit of plowing movies will be more easily accepted, because many people have missed an episode and will be ready to spend the whole night plowing the season, affecting the progress and quality of work. .

In addition, to do this job well, you also need to limit your smartphone use, especially in the evening. For those who whenever the phone has a new notification to pick up immediately check, they will likely “click” from the parking lot. In the end, those who have experience falling asleep in class will be a great advantage, and if they do not snore well in sleep, the better.

Công việc trong mơ đúng nghĩa: Công ty Ấn Độ sẵn sàng trả hơn 30 triệu đồng cho ai ngủ đủ 9 tiếng/ngày trong vòng 100 ngày - Ảnh 2.

In the end, the skills of drowsiness accumulated over the years to go to school already have martial art.

Wakefit will provide official employees with all the necessary equipment to serve the work, the most important is the new buffer samples of the company. These cushions will help track the quality of the user’s sleep before and after they wake up, and also provide enthusiastic advice to help those who have difficulty sleeping easily.

Wakefit is also a well-known company in the field of designing and installing naps for companies in India. 86% of office workers in the country say they will work more effectively if they take a nap in rooms designed by Wakefit.

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