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Harm from poor quality ink

In the context of the environment is threatened by toxic pollution, air pollution, water pollution, we live in concern about a wide-ranging toxic environment. But we only look at the consequences when we can no longer control but forget that the consequences of daily activities seem to be very small. The printing industry is one of the industries with a strong impact on the environment because it is related to the factors of chemicals and emissions.

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Currently, many businesses often invest costs and choose carefully in electronic equipment for work, but do not attach importance to the selection of quality printing products. A common mistake that businesses make is to use unidentified inks, cheap prices, and ignoring the huge benefits of genuine ink.

Non-genuine ink often produces poorly printed, faded, lack of details … The use of poor quality ink in the long run will damage the nozzle leading to poor printer performance and damage. Besides, most of the unknown ink consumes higher power than genuine ink. Therefore, using cheap ink does not seem to save costs and businesses will even face the costs incurred to fix the quality of prints or repair damaged printers.

In addition, non-genuine ink is also damaging to the environment. While genuine cartridges are researched and manufactured in a standard that saves and avoids harm to user health and the environment, non-genuine ink is rampant, mass-produced, unregulated. inspection, supervision and production are only for profit, so it is inevitable that there will be potential risks for users and the environment.

Environmental printing technology

But these alarm bells only stop at being able to know by the printing business, while businesses always put profit first. This is also what suppliers and manufacturers of printing equipment in Vietnam market have to consider because every time a new product is released to the market, the question "Can we use external ink?" seems to be the pinnacle that determines the success of that product.

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As the world leader in printing solutions, HP must also find solutions to that problem. Over the past three years, the company has continuously introduced special support policies for the Vietnamese market about genuine ink prices to facilitate printing service businesses and gradually persuade them to change the way. think. Nearly one hundred large format printers use genuine ink and a series of A3 and A4 printers with new ink technology solutions gradually installed and operated continuously at transparent printing facilities. Last time is not a small achievement in the process of changing the perceptions of the market for more sustainable development. Most of its new laser and inkjet printers are now focused on improving energy efficiency, ink and paper.

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Each HP print cartridge is the result of our ongoing effort in technical development and scientific research and hundreds of hours of testing. The product is designed to easily refill, do not waste, do not worry about dirty lines with the sealed ink bottles and HP unique ink delivery system and ensure user health and safety. Not only simple operation, genuine HP ink also saves up to 80% of the cost compared to conventional laser cartridges. It is also proprietary technology invented and owned by HP.

The cartridges are manufactured with environmental protection awareness and are easy to recycle. 80% of genuine HP inkjet cartridges and 100% of genuine HP laser cartridges are manufactured from recycled materials. Instead of disposing of cartridges, users can return them through the HP Planet Partners recycling program.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Cong, representative of Quang Anh Company, said: "Printing is a daily activity in enterprises. The printing ink used in printing is irrelevant, but it has a great influence on the quality of the work." To encourage the printing facilities to transform, HP is always looking for opportunities to cooperate, develop and deliver certificates to production facilities that meet the requirements of using HP printers with 100% genuine ink and environmental protection. In which, we are very proud that Blueart, a brand of Quang Anh company, is provided with HP ink certification.

Quang Anh JSC is a reliable partner of HP, specializing in distributing HP genuine ink-jet printer products. With nearly 10 years of establishment and development, Quang Anh Company has constantly strived to bring the best service to customers. Professionalism and dedication are the two key elements in all activities of the company.

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