Travel freely but do not worry about losing waves with TOTOLINK MF180L-V2

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Phượt thỏa thích nhưng không lo mất sóng với TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 - Ảnh 1.

What is 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi?

Mobile Wifi or mobile Wifi router 4G LTE is a combination of 4G transmission technology and Wifi. Mobile Wifi 4G LTE devices will use a Sim Data to help users access the Internet through the Wifi that the device emits.

A 4G LTE mobile Wifi device is quite compact in size compared to conventional Wifi routers. With this size, the user can easily take the device anywhere. Among the series of 4G LTE mobile wifi lines on the market today, the typical product worth mentioning is the TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 with a compact design and many attractive features.

Why say TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 is a 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi device that every gamer should have?

TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 is a 4G LTE mobile wifi device launched in the Vietnamese market in the second quarter of 2020. The product has a compact design and is extremely suitable for travel and long-distance trips. Not only that, TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 also owns many attractive features for each user.

Design and packaging of TOTOLINK MF180L-V2

From the outside, the packaging of the product has a harmonious and simple design. The colors used are white and blue, giving the viewer a pleasant feeling without being too glare. On the box, the manufacturer also records full information about the equipment from the manufacturer, basic specifications, package details, …. Inside the box, there will be a TOTOLINK MF180L device- V2, 1 battery with a capacity of 2200mAh.

Phượt thỏa thích nhưng không lo mất sóng với TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 - Ảnh 2.

The MF180L-V2 has an eye-catching design

Similar to the way to preserve the battery of tree phone devices, the device’s battery is also separate and pre-charged about 20-25% of the battery. Next to the product is a micro USB charging cable, in addition to being used to charge the device, this charging cable can replace the LAN cable to provide network for PCs, laptops when connecting MF180L-V2 and PC / laptop together. Finally a quick setup guide sheet. Users can easily set up the product for the first time through the information contained in this manual.

TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 outstanding features

With network devices there are many features, but the standout features of a product are usually the most noticeable. So what are the outstanding features on TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 mobile wifi device ?

Great battery capacity and efficient battery optimization

Compared with the V1 hardware version, the MF180L-V2 has a higher battery capacity, reaching up to 2200mAh. With this battery capacity, users can comfortably use the device for many consecutive hours. Plus the battery optimization feature helps users to turn off the device when not in use. This significantly increases the usage time of the PIN to ensure a prolonged experience for the user.

High-end processor from Qualcomm

Phượt thỏa thích nhưng không lo mất sóng với TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 - Ảnh 3.

The best processor from Qualcomm

With the heart of the device at the core of the device are Qualcomm chips with quality and durability. This helps the device operate more stably, and there is no hang or lag when multiple devices are connected to the MF180L-V2.

Forget battery life worries with the ability to use power directly

Phượt thỏa thích nhưng không lo mất sóng với TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 - Ảnh 4.

MF180L-V2 with the ability to use power directly without PIN

Using a PIN sometimes does not meet the user’s usage time. And the plug and use both plug and use increase the capacity of the bottle PIN. Therefore, the function of using the power source directly without the battery on the MF180L-V2 is a very interesting feature and extremely necessary. This feature will help gamers not have to worry about losing network signal suddenly even though the device’s PIN is exhausted.

LCD screen display visually

Phượt thỏa thích nhưng không lo mất sóng với TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 - Ảnh 5.

LCD screen display visually

Although the product has a compact size, the manufacturer still has a small LCD screen attached. Information about the device such as the amount of data used, the number of people connected, the strength of the waves, battery life, … are all displayed on this beautiful LCD screen.

Based on all the outstanding information and features of the TOTOLINK MF180L-V2 above. This affirms, the MF180L-V2 is a 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi product and an indispensable companion for the adventurers.

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