Top Different Types of iOS Mobile Application Testing

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Now in day’s, Mobile phones and applications increased their values in our lifestyle. With the advance features and fully functional, there are millions of mobile phones and application launches in the market on a daily basis.

This means according to servery there are almost more than 4 million mobile apps available for download So every customer has so many options to choose one of the best mobile apps.

So, as per the highly competitive market of mobile applications, the demand for user-friendly, compatible, secure and quality applications increased.

In such cases, Android or iOS application testing services comes in the picture…

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What is iOS application testing?

iOS or Android application testing is the process of improving applications in different areas including functionalist, usability, security, compatibility and so many. In this process, the web or mobile application is to be tested by the testing experts which proves that application works as per user expectations.

Top 5 Different Types of iOS mobile Applications Testing

  1. Alpha Testing
  2. Acceptance Testing
  3. Ad-hoc Testing
  4. Beta Testing
  5. Browser Compatibility Testing

  1. Alpha Testing:

Alpha testing is one of the types of acceptance testing which is performed to identify bugs or errors of the applications. This type of testing executes before release the particular application or product. Testing is known as alpha testing because it is done at the beginning stage of the development process. Most of the time this testing is done by the development site.

Advantage of Alpha Testing

  • Fix the bugs at the earliest stage of the application
  • Less chance of system or application crash
  • Reduce the execution time
  • Satisfied customer
  1. Acceptance Testing:

This is one of the interesting kind of type of testing. In this testing process application owner of the client try to perform the testing process before jump into the actual system environment. You can also be called this testing as a UAT Testing. In this testing, process testers try to understand the application or business flow instead of finding bugs of the application

  1. Beta Testing

During development process beat testing is the 2nd most important phase of the process. It is one of the types of Acceptance Testing. In this process, testers Crate the methodologies on the basis of application functionality which completely focuses on user satisfaction.

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If your customer does not like your product after taking so many efforts. It can be never included in the successful application so Using such above listed techniques will help you make your customer satisfied with using your product

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