Top 50 most creative companies in the world: Apple continues to hold the throne, Huawei leaps 42 places

Tram Ho

This year, BCG also added a new scoring factor, reflecting the diversity and intensity of breaking the boundaries of each company, through assessing the ability to break down barriers in the industry and participation. in a variety of markets outside of the business.

In this year’s rankings, American power names continue to hold high positions in the rankings. Apple passed Alphabet to No. 1. Alphabet ranked second and then Amazon was pushed back down to third position. Microsoft did not change the rank (4) and Facebook dropped 2 places to No. 8.

Top 50 công ty sáng tạo nhất thế giới: Apple tiếp tục giữ ngôi vương, Huawei nhảy vọt 42 bậc - Ảnh 1.

Among Asian companies in the Top 10 most creative companies, Samsung kept the rankings (5). Huawei soared 42 places to No. 6, surpassing Alibaba’s “compatriot” although the company also impressed an impressive 16 steps, ranking 7th in the 2020 rankings.

The remaining companies in the Top 20 also have prominent steps such as Walmart, HP and McDonalds, up 29 steps, Dell up 21 places.

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