Top 5 requirements for selecting a mobile app programming platform (part 2)


What will the basic data sources contribute?

Mobile applications are not simply the end points of information and data exchange (terminals) but rather, they are the connection points in the context of a larger enterprise. Mobile applications must communicate with predefined content and data sources to retrieve information and return results.

Working with the dev team, you need to identify those data sources, consider how often you are when updating information on devices and how much data is needed to flow through the network. It is important to identify connections between mobile applications and sources from back-end. A good mobile provider will transmit flexible and expandable connector sets, to quickly integrate with the enterprise's current business application and information resources.

Mobile management challenges: protect businesses without causing trouble with Angry Birds

Management challenges are inevitable. How do you deploy the app and give users the best application? How do you update the application and ensure the security of valuable business information stored in the device, regardless of company or employee information? If necessary, how do you limit the use of apps at predefined locations and times of the day?

A good mobile provider will meet the application management capabilities for the organization's policies and procedures, helping you to check the results.

Everywhere: mobile interactions

Once you've chosen a mobile provider, be sure to identify the various mobile devices and applications you need to support. Both of these elements are just the tip of the iceberg. You will need to pay attention to what is not visible below it.

Here are 3 factors related to the general IT environment: how do you integrate with current applications and information resources, ensure the security and management of mobile applications throughout your organization? friend. An integrated SDLC (Software Development Cycle) platform like Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud can ensure that all these factors are resolved, so you can empower everywhere.

If you have ever gone through the selection process in your business, would you like to add those requirements? Have you ever wanted to capture those requirements? I am very pleased to share with you my experiences.

Source: ITZone via IDE Academy via Kony

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