Top 10 websites for designers

Ngoc Huynh

1. LOL Colors

A playful take on curated color palette inspiration.

2. Resizer

This is a really handy tool from Google that allows you to quickly view responsive websites in a variety of sizes. [Want all the steps for creating a responsive design from the ground up? Find that and more in the Get Started with Interactive Design kit, a $658 value for only $59.99].

3. Craft

From InVision, Craft is a UI plugin for Sketch and Photoshop. The site provides nice video and animation to feature the product.

4. Why?

Showcasing great ideas in design, with minimal explanation. Letting the ideas speak.

5. Flat File

From the Herb Lubalin Study Center, a weekly publication on admirable design work from their collection.

6. How Designers Worked in 2015

An analysis from Avocode breaking down details of how designers worked and certain preferences (e.g., Photoshop vs. Sketch).

7. Eric Nyffeler

Very nice illustration work with an eye-catching, animated eye-flag logo. [Check out more cool animated logos.]

8. Landor

A simple, yet bold color palette of yellow overlays, plus a clean design, highlight the redesigned website for this global branding firm.

9. Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design

A catalog of graphic design from decades past, highlighting some of the compelling visual work done during this era. [Are you or someone you know fond of design history? Then this collection is your dream come true.]

10. Age of Design

Simply celebrating the power of design.

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