Tonight, Vietnam welcomes the “peak” of meteor shower from the famous Halley comet

Tram Ho

According to the positioning results in Ho Chi Minh City of the Time and Date website , the Eta Aquarids meteor shower in 2021 will “fall” from April 19 to May 28, reaching “peak” on the night of the 5th, the morning of the 6th. that means if you miss out on this climax, you will still have a chance to see it until the end of May with less brightness.

Đêm nay, Việt Nam đón đỉnh mưa sao băng từ sao chổi Halley nổi tiếng - Ảnh 1.

A meteor shower of Eta Aquarids – Photo: SPACE

According to Space, Eta Aquarids is derived from the dusty tail of the famous Halley comet. Dust rock collided with the atmosphere and caught fire creating a shining “falling” meteor effect in the sky. In October, Earth will once again pass Halley’s tail and create the Orionids meteor shower. Although Earth people see a meteor shower from Halley twice a year, you will have to wait 76 years to see the comet itself, as it approaches the Sun in orbit.

Đêm nay, Việt Nam đón đỉnh mưa sao băng từ sao chổi Halley nổi tiếng - Ảnh 2.

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower will emanate from the yellow plus marker next to the constellation Aquarius (Aquarius) – Photo: SKY & Telescope

The name Eta Aquarids comes from the constellation Aquarius, or “Aquarius”. When you look up into the sky, you will see shooting stars emanating from a point right next to the “water pitcher” the constellation made up.

The way to get a good look at the meteor shower is to choose a dark and airy place, and let your eyes get used to the darkness for 15-20 minutes by staying away from lights and electronic devices. The clarity of the meteor shower depends on the weather where you live.

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Source : Genk