The theoretical speed of 6G can be up to 1TB / s

Tram Ho

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China recently started work on the development of the next wireless network (probably 6G) and related experts believe that its speed could be 8000 times higher. with the current 5G network.

Tốc độ lý thuyết 6G ​​có thể lên tới 1TB/s - Ảnh 1.

6G networks can provide speeds up to 1TB / s

According to the members of the team, 6G can reach “astonishing” speeds of 1TB / s. Dozens of researchers and experts are participating in this project, but it is expected to be implemented in many years. This is understandable because the 5G network we started using today has been developed since 2008.

While 5G is supposed to go hand in hand with IoT, 6G could once again usher in a new era of connectivity.

The 6G commercial network is quite far away from us, so its high-speed application ability is not clear. However, according to initial estimates by experts, 6G will allow the download of 40 to 50 movies of high quality 4K content on your device in a second.

Reference: GSMArena

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