To overcome security issues, Apple is ready to deliver special iPhones to … hackers

Tram Ho

Of course, the answer is to overcome security weaknesses.

According to a recent source, at the upcoming Black Hat conference, Apple will announce plans to give such devices to security researchers. Apple will also introduce a new security bug detection program for Apple Mac. This is a program launched by Apple to encourage security researchers to find MacOS bugs and reward them.

Để khắc phục các sự cố bảo mật, Apple sẵn sàng giao những chiếc iPhone đặc biệt cho…hacker - Ảnh 1.

Mac is a new addition to Apple’s bounty security bug hunting program

Forbes said: “The iPhone will be given to well-known hackers participating in the prize hunting program by finding bugs on Apple’s operating system. Participants will find bugs in Apple products in exchange for rewards. Payments can be up to $ 200,000 – this has been announced from the 2016 Black Hat conference. “

These are dev devices (for developers, developers) so they can do more than regular iPhones. Hackers will thoroughly examine the iPhone’s processor and memory for vulnerabilities. However, this is not the iPhone that Apple employees often use for testing. Apple will not allow hackers to touch the core part of the iPhone (this is only done by Apple’s security team).

The source from Forbes did not specify which security experts will be provided by Apple. However, many people believe that these will be reliable experts who have worked with Apple before.

Apple has started a bonus exchange program that has taken its security hole from 2016. They offer up to $ 200,000 in bonuses to those who find vulnerabilities on their software platforms.

But it is unclear why this policy is not applicable to MacOS. In February this year, a hacker discovered a bug in MacOS that allowed him to track passwords in Keychain. However, he did not rush to share it for Apple due to no payment.

By changing policies, Apple seems to be expressing its concern about security issues. If this causes Apple’s platforms to encounter fewer errors in the future, this is good news for users.

Reference: Cultofmac

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