To circumvent the ban, Huawei wants Google to put its own app on Huawei’s app market

Tram Ho

One of the most significant effects from the U.S. trade ban is that it is no longer possible for Huawei customers outside of China to use Google services on its devices. That means losing access to the Google Play Store or core Google apps.

Even so the company is managing various ways to mitigate this impact. Their latest move is an interesting plan: asking Google to put its apps on Huawei’s app store, similar to the way Google is doing with Apple’s app store.

Currently Huawei’s app store is called AppGallery, and it is replacing the Google Play Store on Huawei and Honor branded devices. Alternative to the Google Mobile Service (GMS) application package, AppGallery is based on HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), with applications such as Huawei Assistant, Browser, Mobile Cloud, etc.

Để lách lệnh cấm, Huawei muốn Google tự đưa ứng dụng của mình lên chợ ứng dụng của Huawei - Ảnh 1.

Even though the HMS ecosystem is growing, it is not a perfect replacement for developers who are dependent on Google applications. That’s why Huawei is looking for other ways to bring Google apps to AppGallery.

Huawei’s rotating chairman Eric Xu told CNBC: ” We expect Google services to be available on our AppGallery, just like how Google services appear on the App Store. of Apple . ”

There is no guarantee that Huawei will pursue this approach, but this seems to be a reasonable solution. Apple devices can access Google apps from the App Store even if the iPhone is running a completely different operating system. So, if Google was able to bring its application to iOS, they could do so with Huawei.

Even Google doesn’t need to develop a completely new set of apps like for iOS because Huawei’s devices also run Android. But in order to work effectively, Huawei needs a partnership from Google and it’s hard to be sure that the US company will be willing to publish its app on another app store – these apps are always viewed by Google. is a key card to force manufacturers to use their Android version.

Although Google also released its apps on Samsung’s Galaxy Store, its devices also have Play Store and GMS. Meanwhile, Amazon’s AppStore app store on Kindle tablets doesn’t get Google’s apps when using a customized version of Android.

Moreover, with the US government’s trade ban, it is still unclear whether Google would put the app on Huawei’s AppGallery. While Huawei has yet to find a way to bring Google apps to its devices, its latest flagship, the Huawei P40, still has to use many network components from U.S. companies like Qualcomm.

Refer to Android Authority

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