Tip & Trick – Guide “Promt”. Write long and detailed paragraphs with ChatGPT

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Topic created to update the “Promt” instructions to chat with ChatGPT in an optimal and effective way. Although there is a possibility of incorrect feedback, we will have more ideas and just need to spend some time editing it. Reduce time costs.

If you have any other good promts, please share them in this article!!!

What is Promt in ChatGPT?

“Prompt” in ChatGPT is the sentence or text that the user provides to start a conversation with the system. When it receives a prompt, ChatGPT will use its language model to generate a meaningful response related to that prompt. Prompt is often used to start chats in ChatGPT or to ask ChatGPT to perform a specific task.

Example 1:

Feedback from ChatGPT:

Feedback from ChatGPT

Note: You can use the statement:

For the response to continue, if the number of replies is more than the maximum limit of ChatGPT Web.

Continued Feedback from ChatGPT

Full feedback;

And finally the number of words responded, counted on wordcount: 974 words.

974 words

In addition, you can refer to other Examples here: https://platform.openai.com/examples

See also: https://congdongchatgpt.com/d/13-tip-trick-huong-dan-promt-viet-doan-van-dai-va-chi-tiet-bang-chatgpt

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