Timeboxing: The method of “packing” extremely effective time of billionaire Elon Musk, anyone can learn right away without waiting

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Timeboxing: Phương pháp đóng gói thời gian cực kỳ hiệu quả của tỷ phú Elon Musk, ai cũng có thể học ngay mà không cần chờ đợi - Ảnh 1.

We all know that Elon Musk has twice as much crazy schedule as the average person working full-time. In addition, Elon Musk can spend 4 days a week playing with her 5 children. How does this billionaire manage time and still work effectively?

In fact, Elon Musk planned his day by the time of 5ph and everything was planned by him. This method is called Timeboxing (sometimes called Timeblocking) and in fact it is used by many other people including Bill Gates and Cal Newport.

Timeboxing: Phương pháp đóng gói thời gian cực kỳ hiệu quả của tỷ phú Elon Musk, ai cũng có thể học ngay mà không cần chờ đợi - Ảnh 2.

Basically Timeboxing is the act of setting certain times for each job you have to do and setting them up on your daily work schedule.

Before starting to learn about this time management method, let’s start with a question: “Why use this method?” or “Why must” pack “time for each job?”

There are quite a lot of people who criticize this method, because they think that scheduling a whole day just turns you into a robot. However, this is actually a rather wrong way of thinking. Scheduling in advance for a day means you will have to respect the predetermined plan and you will have less miscellaneous free time. And everyone knows that, idle and disrespectful, the free time without anything to do is sometimes a very bad thing.

According to Parkinson’s law, work always extends itself to take up enough time for us to assign it. So basically, the Timeboxing method helps you create useful limits that can really work effectively.

The first and most important thing, it makes you have to make a lot of choices when you are not working because you are respecting the plan, so you spend less time thinking about what to do. before.

Second, because of your limited amount of time, you won’t waste it and know how to arrange them more effectively.

This method helps you to record the work you have done, so on this weekend or the end, you will know exactly how much work you have accomplished and improve your performance.

Timeboxing: Phương pháp đóng gói thời gian cực kỳ hiệu quả của tỷ phú Elon Musk, ai cũng có thể học ngay mà không cần chờ đợi - Ảnh 3.

Elon Musk’s application is limited to its work in just 5 minutes. For example, Elon Musk only allows me to eat my lunch for 5 minutes or less, usually at the break between a meeting. However, you can follow this method in a more “breathable” version according to the following suggestions:

Divide the paper into 2 columns and the first column is to record the original plan. Then, if the plan changes or something interrupts during the day, you will review the plan in the next column and then continue the work from that point.

Estimate the time for each specific plan. You should also set up some short time frames between the plans outlined to deal with unplanned things. Sometimes unexpected things must be resolved immediately and may be within the planned time frame for other things. In such a case, the backup time frame will solve the problem.

To estimate the best time, you should closely monitor your schedule. If not, you can use the Toggle app, which includes both a computer version and a mobile device. Basically, you just need to write down what you will do (you can tag if you want) and press start. Then when finished, click on the end. Tracking time through this application will gradually help you know how much time you spend, and you can begin to compare the difference between the initial estimate and the actual data. From there you can start to guess in your head and make better predictions.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, the difference is whether managing time is effective or not. With this simple method, hope you can make good use of your time, making yourself a more productive person.

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