Tim Cook associates the Facebook business model with real-world violence

Tram Ho

Tim Cook’s speech at a privacy conference in Brussels not only identifies Facebook, but clearly, the largest social network is the target in the Apple CEO’s warning.

If a business builds on user confusion, data mining, choice-based but has no options at all, it doesn’t deserve praise, ” says Tim Cook . It deserves to be scorned ”.

Tim Cook liên hệ mô hình kinh doanh Facebook với bạo lực ngoài đời - Ảnh 1.

The head of Apple also criticized the algorithm that suggests extremist groups to users, which has led to Facebook’s criticism today. Today 27/1, Facebook said from now on not automatically suggesting political groups anymore.

Cook also believes that some companies spread content that undermines public confidence in vaccines to increase interactivity. ” At a time when algorithms spread false information and conspiracy theories, we cannot keep our eyes open to the technological theory that all interactions are good ,” he said.

The speech of the Apple CEO comes in the context of a war between rivals in Silicon Valley is heating up, especially about a new feature on the iPhone called App Tracking Transparency. The feature requires apps to ask users for permission before accessing important device identifiers, which are used by companies like Facebook or Google to serve and measure ads.

Mr. Cook’s comments were also made in the midst of people questioning whether or not Facebook’s algorithm and tool used to incite the Capitol Hill riots on Jan. 6. Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg defended his company by saying that the plan to organize the riot largely did not take place on Facebook.

On January 27, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke out against the App Tracking Transparency feature and called Apple its biggest rival. He also emphasized that Apple uses privacy as an argument for behavior that is detrimental to Facebook. Zuckerberg accused the iPhone maker of having every incentive to take advantage of its platform position to interfere with the way other apps work.

In response to CNBC, Apple said the upcoming iPhone OS beta will start implementing app tracking, meaning the change will take effect for everyone soon. Apple says App Tracking Transparency will take place in “early spring”.

According to CNBC

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