Tim Cook “Apple CEO:” I don’t think a four-year college degree is enough to write good code “

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In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that having a four-year university degree was never enough for programmers to become a good code writer.

Earlier this week, CEO Tim Cook had a chance to visit an Apple store in Orlando, Florida to meet Liam Rosenfeld, 16, one of 350 people who won scholarships and had the opportunity to attend the Conference for the House. Apple’s global development (WWDC 2019) takes place in early June.

After reading and learning about Liam Rosenfeld in the local newspaper Orlando Sentinel, Cook shared with TechCrunch that he felt very impressed with the youngster’s programming talent of only 16 years old.

Cook also emphasized that Liam’s case is the perfect testament to his views on why programming programs for children at early school should be taken.

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Apple CEO emphasized: “I don’t think that having a 4-year degree in university is enough to master programming skills. I think that is a traditional view and quite old. If we can learn programming from a young age and increase the difficulty when going to high school and before graduating like Liam, you and those people are ready to write applications on the App Store. ”

Earlier in a meeting with the US Labor Force Policy Advisory Board at the White House earlier this year, Cook also mentioned the issue.

Recently, Tim Cook has many statements regarding Apple’s development strategy. In which he always emphasized that customers are always the first priority before taking into account competition.

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