Tim Cook advises customers to buy an Android phone if they want to do this

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Until now, iOS was considered a “closed” operating system because Apple tightly controlled what users could change on this mobile operating system. In contrast, Android has been famous for its “openness” and this is one of the important points affecting the audience of both.

Tim Cook khuyên khách hàng nên mua điện thoại Android nếu họ muốn làm được điều này - Ảnh 1.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is clearly aware of this and in an interview with The New York Times , he said that those who want the freedom to install apps from files or from a third-party store, then choose Android, Apple’s operating system is not for them.

“I think people have a choice these days, if you want to sideload you can buy an Android phone. If that’s important to you, then you should buy an Android phone. In our view, this is like a car manufacturer telling customers not to have airbags and seat belts in their vehicles. That client would never think to do so in this day and age, too risky. And so a phone wouldn’t be an iPhone without maximizing security and privacy.” Cook said.

Sideloading, the downloading of some apps directly to the phone without going through the store, has been something Android users do for a long time but Apple doesn’t want to happen on the iPhone. Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, says sideloading is no different from “a cybercriminal’s best friend” , arguing that giving customers the freedom to install apps from anywhere on the internet The network is extremely dangerous.

Reference: MacRumors

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