TikTok testing in-app sales

Tram Ho

The Teespring e-commerce platform will work with TikTok, allowing TikTok content creators to design products for sale to followers. This is the first time TikTok author is selling directly in the app.

TikTok thử nghiệm bán hàng trong ứng dụng - Ảnh 1.

The Teespring team is still working on integrations in TikTok and how to display products. On YouTube, Teespring’s booth will appear directly below the author’s video. YouTube’s layout makes it easier to combine than TikTok. The goal of Teespring and TikTok is to create complete shopping functionality inside TikTok.

Currently, 7,000 TikTok authors in the US have access to the beta. They can design and model from 180 different products and create their own unique item. In addition to clothing, there will be more products like skis. Based on current trends, these items are expected to outperform costumes next year.

Allowing content creators to monetize TikTok is a desire of many. TikTok is more similar to Instagram in terms of potential search than YouTube. They can sign partnerships with brands to post sponsored posts. However, the scale cannot be compared to Google AdSense, which allows YouTube authors to be paid a portion of the video ad revenue. TikTok recently announced the opening of a $ 200 million fund to help people make a living through the platform. For everyone, selling is often one of the best solutions for authors to monetize their influence. According to Teespring, in the past 2 years, they have paid more than $ 80 million to the authors.

The combination of TikTok and Teespring is expected to launch in September. In addition to the 7,000 people mentioned above, many authors are waiting in line. Teespring hopes that everyone can finally sell on TikTok.

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Source : Genk