TikTok beats Google to become the most popular domain in 2021

Tram Ho

TikTok đánh bại Google, trở thành tên miền phổ biến nhất năm 2021 - Ảnh 1.
(Photo: Cnet)

Thanks to services from search, maps, photos, flights, Google.com is an extremely powerful domain name. However, the US tech giant was dethroned by TikTok in 2021, according to security firm Cloudfare.

In 2020, Google.com was the number 1 domain and TikTok ranked 7. Everything changed after just one year when TikTok “climbed” to the top position, pushing Google down to second. That’s because of its short video app. ByteDance recorded explosive growth during the Covid-19 period, hitting 1 billion monthly active users in September. Due to having to stay at home more to prevent the epidemic, many people turn to TikTok to entertain and kill time. .

In the blog, Cloudflare said TikTok ranked first sporadically in the days of February, March and May. But since August 10, TikTok has almost all been at No. 1. “There are days when Google ranks first but October and May 11 is almost TikTok’s, including Thanksgiving (November 25) and Black Friday (November 26),” the blog wrote.

List of 10 most popular domains in 2021 in order: TikTok.com, Google.com, Facebook.com, Microsoft.com, Apple.com, Amazon.com, Netflix.com, YouTube.com, Twitter.com, WhatsApp.com.

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