TikTok already has 1 billion users, planning to rule the world

Tram Ho

Soon, TikTok will offer more than just short videos.

Recently, the Chinese social networking platform announced that it has 1 billion users, which means 1 in 8 people use it every month. However, CEO Vanessa Pappas said the company won’t just stick with short videos – the content that makes the app so appealing.

TikTok đã có 1 tỷ người dùng, lên kế hoạch thống trị thế giới - Ảnh 1.

Speaking at the Grace Hopper Celebration conference, the annual event for women in the computer industry, Ms. Pappas said “product innovation is the obvious key when thinking about how to continue to enhance the experience”. She points out the importance of constantly launching new products to draw people back to the platform. “When we think about what makes TikTok unique, it’s definitely all the production tools we put in place to create fun, entertaining content every day.”

According to the TikTok CEO, the company is developing/testing several new features to assist authors in producing new content, including augmented reality (AR). Other social networks like Snap, Facebook have all achieved certain success when adding AR to their platforms, allowing users to add animations and filters in live videos. TechCrunch reported last month that some TikTok users have been experimenting with the AR tool when making videos.

Ms. Pappas also mentioned e-commerce as a potential lucrative business opportunity for TikTok. Last month, the company announced a deal with Shopify to let merchants add a “Shopping” tag to their TikTok accounts. Users click here to go to the merchant’s store on Shopify and buy the product.

“I think we’re really looking at how to minimize the gap between the brand and the consumer,” she said.

Besides, TikTok researches other content formats such as longer videos. She also implied that new features are coming, not the end of TikTok innovation.

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