Tiki CEO: I believe in the next 5 years, Vietnam will be the country of unicorns!

Tram Ho

“The founders of Vietnamese startup companies are getting better at their expertise, and many big goals. Typically, only in 2018, Vietnamese startup had many achievements with 70 co-working space, 40 investment funds, attracted 890 million USD … ”

Mr. Tran Ngoc Thai Son, Founder and Chairman of Tiki Board has many positive comments about startup companies in Vietnam.  

The next 5 years Vietnam will be the country of unicorns

“I feel extremely optimistic about the Vietnamese startup community. You will not only grow in Vietnam, but will soon reach the international market. Tiki also used to be like that, not only wants to conquer e-commerce in his home country but also wants to reach out to the world, ”Mr. Son said.

According to Mr. Son, the founders of Vietnamese startup companies are becoming more and more professional, and also more and more big goals. This is a very positive signal for the country’s economy in general, and for start-up communities in Vietnam in particular. Typically, only in 2018, Vietnamese startup has prospered with 70 co-working space, 40 investment funds, attracting 890 million USD.

“With this momentum, promising in the next 5 years, Vietnam will be the country of unicorns,” Son said.

With that assessment, Mr. Son also shared about the reason why Tiki regularly participates in activities and supports domestic startups.

Firstly, during the past 9 years, Tiki has always been accompanied and advised by many investors. Thanks to that, Tiki has overcome the growth challenges that any startup faces. Once you have overcome that path, Tiki always wants to “pay it forward” – responding to success, accompanying Vietnamese startup community, contributing to promoting Vietnam’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Second, Tiki is now an e-commerce platform with millions of customers, plus a supply chain, warehouse, and infrastructure. Therefore, through its companion activities, the company hopes to have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with many Vietnamese startups, helping to promote and further develop the technologies and products of these startups.

“Tiki’s dream is that together with talented founders, start-up companies will create an ecosystem of mutual Vietnamese companies to come together”, Mr. Thai Son stressed.

Sharing details about companion activities and support for start-up community in Vietnam, Mr. Thai Son said: Tiki will help startups own appropriate products and services on Tiki floor. At the same time, support output incentives and start-up distribution, such as support for exemption of fees in the early period of operation, storage of goods, and transportation of goods nationwide through Tiki’s logistics system. . In addition, Tiki will consider investing in potential logistics and technology startups so that you can have more “ammunition” on the way to continue developing your startup business.

The CEO also shared these   “bloody” lesson with Vietnamese startup community, while giving advice to young startups who are on their way to conquer their goals.

First , it’s a big dream. Once the bigger the dream, every challenge can be easily overcome. The nature of startups is growing fast, so think about big goals but at the same time prepare plans and resources to realize these goals.

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Mr. Son said that startups do not choose the niche market because they will not break through and create great value for society

Secondly , do not choose a niche market because for fast, breakthrough growth and big value added for society, the market must be big enough. Maybe at the beginning, startups will start with a small segment of the big market.

“Tiki started with books on an online platform. But then, startups can still easily and quickly expand the scope of activities, like the way Tiki started to put many other items on his platform, “Mr. Son cited.

Thirdly , is also something that I am extremely concerned about, is the human factor. Investment, technology, infrastructure … are meaningless without a reliable and strong team to manage and develop startups with you. So, young startups look for reliable and potential companions who are far away.

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Source : ITZone via Trí Thức Trẻ