Thu Cuc Aesthetics – A breakthrough in Made-in-Vietnam technology in the process of digitizing service infrastructure

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Thẩm mỹ Thu Cúc - Đột phá công nghệ Made-in-Vietnam trong quá trình số hóa hạ tầng dịch vụ - Ảnh 1.

As one of the famous cosmetic brands with over 20 years of operating experience, Thu Cuc Beauty System always gives top priority to quality assurance, providing customers with perfect experience. Not only leading in expertise, Thu Cuc Beauty System is also considered as one of the most advanced units in the field of cosmetology.

Contributing significantly to the success in attentive, professional and stable customer care certainly cannot be absent from cloud technology.

The application of technology to the system, quickly converting infrastructure to the cloud, utilizing the powerful computing power of BizFly Cloud Server helped Thu Cuc Beauty System address the needs of business expansion and customer service, and modernize IT applications and infrastructure.

Challenges before Thu Cuc Beauty System converted to BizFly Cloud Server

Talking about the reason for moving to the cloud, Mr. Hieu – Chief Technology Officer, said that Thu Cuc Beauty System used an internal physical server system. However, this is also the “Achilles heel” that governs the ability to expand the system (cannot add or remove servers at the time of immediate need).

In addition, “The problem of data loss risk when hardware system malfunction is also one of the reasons that we consider switching to the cloud,” – Hieu said.

Thẩm mỹ Thu Cúc - Đột phá công nghệ Made-in-Vietnam trong quá trình số hóa hạ tầng dịch vụ - Ảnh 2.

With cloud computing, Thu Cuc Aesthetic System sets the goal to ensure the system is always in a high availability state to meet stable operation and rapid growth. What foreign cloud providers don’t offer. Specifically, when a problem occurs, all requests are transferred via email or chat automatically, and it takes many steps to reach the technical processing department with a few geographical barriers that take a lot of time.

Why choose BizFly Cloud Server solution?

After evaluating domestic service providers with the following criteria: availability, reliability, scalability and cost, Thu Cuc Beauty System chose BizFly Cloud Server.

“We appreciate the flexible scalability of BizFly Cloud Server. The increasing size of customers and employees makes the amount of data also increase exponentially, requiring strong processing power. BizFly Cloud Server provides scalability almost immediately, helping the system always operate stably without overloading “- Mr. Hieu said,” From a technology perspective, we are very funny. satisfied with the cloud solutions of BizFly Cloud “.

Thẩm mỹ Thu Cúc - Đột phá công nghệ Made-in-Vietnam trong quá trình số hóa hạ tầng dịch vụ - Ảnh 3.

From August 2018 until now, Thu Cuc Beauty System has continuously upgraded its Cloud Server solution package to meet the needs of operating application servers, web servers and storing important data. Together with BizFly Cloud Server, Thu Cuc Beauty System found that BizFly Cloud Server meets the needs of data security and connectivity.

Benefits achieved using BizFly Cloud Server solution

“We have achieved significant and immediate improvements after moving to BizFly Cloud Server: Completing the mission to reduce operating costs while meeting strict company requirements, to improve quality of service and compliance with industry standards.

As you all know, the difference of Thu Cuc Beauty System is the caring, caring customer service process. Customers schedule as desired, are welcomed enthusiastically upon arrival, are guided in detail, supported upon any request, cared for through the call center system … To improve the quality With such high standards of care, BizFly Cloud has greatly contributed to the process of querying, storing, securing data information of each customer and collaborating on the cloud.

In addition, we have configured the security features of BizFly Cloud Server to control network access and create confidential information for employees in the company. Now we have more control over the working environment. ”

In addition, the cloud of BizFly Cloud helps to analyze data into meaningful information, at the right time and on multiple devices safely, helping Thu Cuc Beauty System bring value. Practical for customers.

The world is changing fast and at the heart of this change is cloud computing.

To learn more about the cloud solutions of BizFly Cloud and find businesses an opportunity to grow stronger in the technology era, visit the website: Here , to have the opportunity to receive Combo packages and deals suitable for your business.


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