Three reasons the Mobile Marketers should be happy because Pokemon Go

Before the rush of virtual reality games – Pokemon Go, page has summarized 3 reasons why Mobile Marketers should be happy with the success of Pokemon Go. Above all, it is also valuable experience for dev apps to make the most of the potential of mobile devices.

The phenomenon of Pokemon GO shows that the readiness of the public to a large extent for engagement is based on the user's location. For business, this is an opportunity to realize the full potential of mobile devices: integrating physical space and digital space to create "legendary" experiences.

  1. The ability of mobile is the potential source for your app

Pokemon Go is a perfect example of what happens when apps are created creatively and take advantage of everything a mobile device can do.

Ask yourself:

  • How can the app use camera, GPS, scan fingerprints, Bluetooth and NFC (Near-Field Communications) at the same time, use magnetic field sensors to make connections between equipment when there is direct contact or close to each other)?
  • Can I take advantage of the fact that users always keep mobile devices with me?
  • Am I personalizing my app and personalizing how I associate users based on information like the user's current location?

2. Community is the key

Pokemon Go is an inherent social experience and you can find evidence for that flooding on the Internet. Share screenshots on Pokemon found on social networks to help users connect with each other and strengthen the value of gaming. The competitive aspect – in terms of the number of captured Pokemon, the number of points won and the battles won – also connects players and retains players with the game.

Combining the sense of community in the app not only increases the natural promotion, but also keeps the user interacting longer.

3. A little nostalgia is also good

Although not yet an important part of mobile strategy, but the childhood nostalgia related to Pokemon (and the Internet in general) has boosted user acceptance. Early Pokemon fans are now adults, with enough attention and resources to turn into active users associated with the app.

“The magic of Pokemon Go comes from the combination of nostalgia and modern technology. I, again feeling like I was on the bus to school in the 6th grade, greedily watching the kids exchange Pokemon cards. But this time, it appeared in all of Boston's streets. ”- Justina Perr, Senior Content Marketing Manager said

So according to you, does Pokemon Go affect Marketing app?

ITZone via IDE Academy

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