Thought it was just a joke of the online community, who thought Microsoft would turn Xbox Series X into a real mini fridge

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When Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X, its design quickly became a popular meme on the Internet because it resembled… a mini fridge. Thought it was just a prank, but the Xbox Series X mini fridge is becoming a reality. At the end of its event at E3 2021, Microsoft announced that it will be selling “the most powerful mini fridge in the world” this upcoming holiday season.

Tưởng chỉ là trò đùa của cộng đồng mạng, ai dè Microsoft biến Xbox Series X thành tủ lạnh mini thật luôn - Ảnh 1.

The fridge meme dates to the Xbox Series X launch in December 2019. When erected in an upright position, the console is tall and rectangular, plus its drive can be mistaken for refrigerator door handles, and thus the Xbox Series X refrigerator memes were born.


Tưởng chỉ là trò đùa của cộng đồng mạng, ai dè Microsoft biến Xbox Series X thành tủ lạnh mini thật luôn - Ảnh 2.

A full-size Xbox Series X refrigerator is given to YouTuber iJustine

Microsoft itself was quick to seize this promotional opportunity, the company posted a picture of the game console next to the refrigerator and last year even made some Xbox Series X refrigerators with the size of a regular refrigerator to give to celebrities.

Xbox Mini Fridge – World Premiere

In the introductory video of the “Xbox Mini Refrigerator”, the official name of the product, we can see that the refrigerator has the Xbox logo on one left corner of the door and the Xbox’s signature green light on the right. in. Powered by the “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture,” this is a mini fridge and looks like it can hold about 10 cans of soft drinks. However, pricing is yet to be announced.

“Yes, this is actually happening,” Xbox said in the product trailer.

But how did Microsoft go from renderings and large celebrity-only refrigerators to producing real commercial Xbox mini fridges? We have to thank a Twitter contest for this, created to crown the best brand on the social media platform, called “ Best of Tweets Brand Bracket ” earlier this year. Both Xbox and Skittles go head-to-head in the final stages of the contest and need to convince users to vote for them in a Twitter poll.


Tưởng chỉ là trò đùa của cộng đồng mạng, ai dè Microsoft biến Xbox Series X thành tủ lạnh mini thật luôn - Ảnh 4.

To help Xbox stay ahead of the competition, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, promised that if users helped Xbox win, the company would actually put the Xbox Series X mini fridge into production within a few days. this year.

“Just as you read. Not an April Fool’s joke. Not clickbait,” Greenberg said in a tweet in April.

For their part, Skittles also included skins in the game and said they promise to bring back lemon-flavored skittles if users vote for them in the contest.

The results are very close. Out of 341,731 votes, 50.5% went to Xbox and 49.5% went to Skittles. At the time of the results, Greenberg said Microsoft would continue with its promise to produce mini-fridges. He said that the first one will be filled with games and donated to Skittles.

Reference: Gizmodo

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