Thought good but turned out these habits are “strangling” your iPhone battery!

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iPhone has always been named as one of the most worthy names for the position of “king” of smartphone world. However, it does not always avoid criticisms that seem dissatisfied, especially the issue of battery life has been complained for years. Despite its sleek design and strong, durable speed, battery life is always a thorn in the eyes of fans when it has not been improved as expected.

And yet, creating habits, not using the iPhone properly is also the cause of battery loss than normal, which is also an excuse for users to feel uncomfortable. Here are 5 very common mistakes when using iPhone makes the battery go down faster without you even knowing it.

1. Keep turning off the app in the background

Unlike Android, Apple’s iOS operating system does not have a back / exit operation button, so it requires users to access the multi-tasker to be able to turn off the currently enabled apps. However, do not be too obsessed with having to turn them off anytime and anywhere whenever you are temporarily finished using, because that action even has the opposite effect on iPhone battery life.

Cứ tưởng hay nhưng hoá ra những thói quen này lại đang bóp nghẹt pin iPhone của bạn! - Ảnh 1.

It is not always necessary to immediately turn off all background applications.

“When you minimize applications to the taskbar and do not turn them off completely, you do not need to immediately end the process. They appear in the list but only in the standby mode ready to operate. or freezing in place, almost does not consume battery at all, “excerpts from Apple’s explanation.

On the other hand, if the user shuts down the app and reopens it from the beginning when needed, this operation requires more power and data to process, which in turn causes a lot more battery power over a long repetition period like so.

2. Do not check battery statistics

Today’s smartphones have built-in battery monitoring and statistics tool for each app, thereby reporting to their owners in stages (1 week, 1 month …). iPhone is no exception, don’t forget to check this information in Settings> Battery.

Cứ tưởng hay nhưng hoá ra những thói quen này lại đang bóp nghẹt pin iPhone của bạn! - Ảnh 2.

Here, there are 2 chart sources that show how the application is related to battery capacity in the last 1 or 10 days. Scrolling down is a list of specific applications, sorted in descending order of impact on battery power. Some iPhone users are often unaware of the feature that allows them to run in the background all the time, making an application seem to use sparingly but consume unexpectedly capacity. If this is the case, please note that removing the reinstalled app, or tweaking in Settings to prevent potential battery drain.

3. Refusing to replace batteries when “over date”

A little over a year ago, Apple released an iOS update that lets you see and monitor your iPhone’s battery level over time. According to the average calculation, 2 years is the usual time for iPhone batteries to operate at an acceptable level, and it is likely that every battery will reduce its life span to approximately 80% after this process. If there is no remedy that tries to continue, the iPhone will be in a situation of lower performance due to insufficient stable voltage.

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Battery replacement requires skilled workmanship and a genuine source of battery components.

The best advice for this is to replace the iPhone battery when the battery life has reached 80%. However, be careful to choose an authorized battery replacement or repair facility from Apple, because only these places can be trusted to use genuine battery power, and issue a standard certification for operating skills. change the guest.

4. Indifferent to the weather and the temperature

The health and durability of batteries are not only affected by the subjective habits of users but also due to the objective impact of weather and bad temperatures. Hot or cold, all will negatively affect battery life when over allowed.

Excessive heat can present a risk of overheating, explosion, and sometimes even temporary shutdowns according to Apple’s safety standards. Meanwhile, too cold temperatures cause the battery to drop faster, operating beyond capacity to provide enough power for the system. Whether hot or cold, or always protecting your mobile device when you go into inclement weather, or simply going out in the middle of the day at noon / cold wind is enough to cause harm. for very battery.

Cứ tưởng hay nhưng hoá ra những thói quen này lại đang bóp nghẹt pin iPhone của bạn! - Ảnh 4.

Notice to temporarily stop using the device when the temperature is too hot

5. Charging the battery overnight?

Although it has been mentioned a lot, there is still a significant part of users who misunderstand about this issue. Not only the iPhone, almost every smartphone today is designed with improved Li-ion battery technology, suitable for charging habits different from the myth of the old era.

Cứ tưởng hay nhưng hoá ra những thói quen này lại đang bóp nghẹt pin iPhone của bạn! - Ảnh 5.

Now smartphones prefer short-distance charging, which can even be plugged in / unplugged anytime if you have an urgent task, regardless of whether the charging time is shorter or longer than expected. On the contrary, the thought of “using a battery that is almost depleted and then fully charged” or “charging the battery overnight” like in the 2000s will make your battery life more and more wasted, counterproductive compared to the standard. Modern battery use. And yet, the long-term charging also causes a rise in temperature, which is one of the factors that has been confirmed to damage battery durability.

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