This YouTube channel specializing in deepfake can absolutely shake both Hollywood and the film industry

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Do you believe in Multiverse theory? Basically all actions if done differently will create a new Universe? If there are such places exist, somewhere “out there”, Hoang Thuy Linh is the eldest sister of the family in Going home, Elly Tran on the Dutch role of the Eye of the Eye and such examples.

The foreign film industry also asks such questions. What if the roles make an actor’s name played by a completely different person? Everyone wonders what will happen if Sylvester Stallone plays the Destroyer, until deepfake technology is born.

We already have real products to see if we can try, but we don’t have to sit and wonder and then use our imagination.

Killers learn to grinn.

Deepfake uses the power of artificial intelligence to create new images, merge them into old videos to create new products. It means that everyone’s face can be intertwined, creating an unexpected real result, and at the same time making people worry about a future full of fake goods.

When I don’t know if a video floating on the Internet is real or not, we will ask every question we can access. On the Internet, it is impossible to immediately see through nature the enormous spread of false messages.

But you have just seen firsthand the good side of deepfake, we can have cinematic works that answer the “If” question mentioned at the beginning of the article. Those videos are mostly from YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face, a movie fan that uses deepfake technology to recreate the old iconic movie scenes with a completely different actor.

Occasionally, Ctrl Shift Face also embarked on the music industry, putting David Bowie’s face into Rick Astley, turning a superhero Never Gonna Give You Up to a new level.

See how David Bowie rickroll you.

Video with Bowie face is my favorite product ,” Ctrl channel author Shift Face told Digital Trends. “ I just wanted to rickroll people, and at the same time want them to be incredibly surprised. Bowie fits Rick Astley, but their faces are similar, suitable for deepfake . ”

The author refused to reveal his identity. He explained: “ I don’t want to say my real name. And I think it doesn’t matter. Just let my product speak for me . ” We can only know a few small information like you are 31 years old, originally from Slovakia, the current job is a bit related to computer graphics processing.

Ctrl Shift Face is just a normal person, with a bit of tech knowledge showing deepfake’s ability: anyone can build a video like that! There is no need to go to a studio to make blockbusters, don’t need to hire an actor, just with the huge amount of data (the number of movie actors did, the number of free music videos on the network), a deep learning system can be divided accumulate data and produce compelling products.

Kênh YouTube chuyên về deepfake này hoàn toàn có thể làm rung chuyển cả Hollywood và ngành điện ảnh - Ảnh 3.

I’m not a programmer, just a user of this software “, channel owner Ctrl Shift Face explained. “ I don’t understand how this software runs. My workflow is as follows: Insert into the power system and output video, a neural network will detect the data and separate the faces out. Need more work to clean up junk data and manually extract. The software then analyzes and learns facial features, which take several days to complete . ”

The more neural networks learn, the more detailed the final product will be. In the last step, you combine both and the product will be a deepfake video. Sometimes you need to process the product video a bit before posting it . ”

What will the future of deepfake be?

Although the video David Bowie goes to rickroll is CSF’s favorite product, he must admit that Jim Carrey took the ax to break the door instead of Jack Nicholson in The Shining, which is the best product. In theory, it is impossible to put Jim’s face and Jack’s face but the final product proves the opposite.

I came up with the idea of ​​putting a comedian in an extremely gloomy scene ,” CSF said. ” I feel that Jim and Jack are very good friends .”

The video below is one of a total of 4 videos about The Shining. But I advise you to take the time to see Stanley Kubrick’s super products before watching 4 deepfake videos; otherwise, you will know the contents of The Shining!

The Shining will be if Jim Carrey plays.

Which video is he most dissatisfied with? Sylvester Stallone replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. ” It seems that the videos I made reflect my sense of humor, ” CSF said. ” For Terminator 2, for example, there is a joke in Last Action Hero [Schwarzenegger’s role] is that in the fantasy world of the film, Stallone plays the Destroyer .”

CSF turns that joke into real video. There is something that the final product is not satisfied with. ” I couldn’t refine the video, so the background music and background sound were broken .”

The Terminator 2 with the lead actor is Sylvester Stallone.

Big film studios have also contacted him, but CSF “can’t say in detail”. That is, we don’t know what other studios agree or disagree with what CSF is doing. Recently, one of Hollywood’s new (and most advanced) film-making techniques is rejuvenating actors on screen, besides using computers to reconstruct dead actors, to complete a role. somehow in the movie.

Most likely Hollywood does not want to deepfake to become more famous: because when everyone can do it, this technology will be nothing special anymore.

There is another aspect of using machine learning to create fake things that are real, that is voice editing. In the future, in theory, any voice can be reconstructed, just enough data to train. Will this be a great tool for Ctrl Shift Face to improve your videos? Just having an actor face to pair, has a fake voice to insert.

This technology is beyond my ability ,” Ctrl Shift Face said. ” But maybe in the future, I will collaborate with people who have the ability to make fake voices .”

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