This unique hat is something that is used by police in many countries to detect if people have a fever or not

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Called KC N901, this is an oversized helmet with many smart features, from KC Wearable – a Chinese technology company.

Inside it is equipped with an ARM processor, augmented reality display, infrared camera and light sensor camera. According to the device’s specifications, it can detect the body temperature of objects within a distance of 2 meters, with an accuracy of just 0.3 degrees Celsius.

When a law enforcement officer wears this helmet, they can do any of the following: Measure a person’s individual body temperature; measure the temperature of passers-by in a large crowd; scan a person’s QR code to find out personal data; checking license plates; spotted people in the dark; or recognize people using a facial recognition system.

“Any information collected will be stored on the helmet , the production company stated.

Smart helmets measure body temperature

According to KC Wearable’s global director, Dr. Jie Guo, more than 1,000 helmets have been used throughout China. “An anonymous country,” she said, “has ordered hundreds of helmets and many international transactions are underway. Each hat costs between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000.”

The female doctor said that after some customers ordered the product trial, then placed larger orders. Company representatives also said they had sent helmets to the Italian police force and the Dutch government to conduct the test. Police in Dubai are also using this device.

Business Insider approached the Italian embassy and the Dutch government to find out, but did not respond to a comment. However, a user in Italy shared on Reddit that he found an armed worker wearing similar helmets, outside the cathedral in Milan this month.

When asked about the accuracy of the device’s ability to scan the body temperature, Dr. Guo said the accuracy was “96%” and the company conducted extensive tests.

 Chiếc mũ độc đáo này là thứ đang được cảnh sát nhiều nước sử dụng để phát hiện người dân có bị sốt hay không - Ảnh 2.

Italian police use KC Wearable smart helmets in Milan.

“Government agencies and some private buyers are using this type of helmet. In China, local police, nurses, security guards and inspection personnel at the train station. implicitly use helmets, “said Dr. Guo.

She added that the device is very flexible, more than the infrared cameras fixed by being able to wear or mount on a tripod. If a person with an abnormal body temperature is detected, the device will alert the user.

However, some experts remain skeptical about its usefulness.

Professor Davey Jones of Bangor University, who led a research project on the spread of COVID-19, pointing to the Diamond Princess cruise ship, fumbled its reaction when coronavirus spreads through the ship. infected about 700 people and killed 8 people.

“At least 25% of people infected with the new corona virus have no symptoms, so obviously they cannot be identified by body temperature,” said Professor Davey Jones of Bangor University. “So if you’ve missed a large percentage of these people then you’re ignoring the virus.”

Professor Jones added that people may have an abnormal body temperature for a number of other reasons, such as going through menopause. And this will lead to false screening results.

According to Dr Chris Wright, a medical doctor and specialist in thermal imaging at Exeter University, a body temperature scan is only useful when it “is done right”.

“That person needs to face the camera directly because the measurement will be affected by the angle,” he said. “Also, the distance is important. Too close, the measurement will be affected by the device operator, too far the sensitivity will be lost.”

According to Dr. Wright, to measure body temperature, you also need a high-resolution camera. For example, FLIR specialized equipment has a resolution of 640 x 480, while the infrared camera of the above intelligent helmet has a resolution of only 384 x 288. According to him, such devices could be useful. at airports, supermarkets … as long as they use high resolution cameras.

In fact, this idea was introduced earlier in the process of addressing the SARS crisis in Asia, but there were many questions about its effectiveness, because of the insecure sensitivity and any dropout. Any omission can lead to unpredictable consequences.

In addition, a question that needs to be answered is who should wear these helmets, and what they should do after the warning is triggered. For example, how police use it to arrest, how to wear gloves or mask …

Refer to Business Insider

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