This is why you should not care how many hours Elon Musk works every day

Tram Ho

If you care about the business world, you are no stranger to Elon Musk. And we all agree that there are mixed opinions about this entrepreneur – some consider him a genius, while many think he is putting the companies he leads in jeopardy. .

But everyone must admire the spirit of Elon Musk’s work. It is known that he works more than 100 hours a week, and although he himself admits that this habit does not bring happiness, many people consider his schedule as a model to follow and towards success.

Đây là lý do tại sao bạn không nên quan tâm Elon Musk làm việc bao nhiêu giờ mỗi ngày - Ảnh 1.

However, it is better not to waste time doing it.

We all need inspiration and advice. But the problem is, comparing yourself to Elon Musk (or anyone else) is completely pointless. Your job, your company may require something different than Elon Musk’s. Your personality can also be more flexible, and not uncomfortable having to share less work for subordinates. Your friends are also different from Musk’s, and opportunities come to you in many ways, at different times than what Musk went through. Your passion, emotions, and skills and experiences are not the same as Elon Musk’s.

So if you’ve done everything, should you sacrifice your time to read or go to the supermarket just because Musk is conducting research or making phone calls to discuss business?

Should you blame yourself for not trying harder when you’ve reached your goals, just because someone else has goals that are different from yours?

Đây là lý do tại sao bạn không nên quan tâm Elon Musk làm việc bao nhiêu giờ mỗi ngày - Ảnh 2.

Could a tennis star fail because he couldn’t catch a baseball?

In fact, what other people do is not so much to worry about. It is important that you have clear goals that motivate you to move forward, make you mature and interested. It is important that you do your best in every day, no matter what the circumstances.

And the fact that Elon Musk (and others) is only a small part of the picture reflects exactly what success is. We are always afraid of being rejected and always trying. We are taught to think that success means never resting, obtaining titles and so on, but that is simply not true.

Success is really about being happy with yourself and those around you, and having a positive influence on those who come into contact with you. That happiness and influence can come from so many different ways. And if you’re really creative, you’re sure to create paths that no one has ever traveled before.

So stop following Musk’s footsteps. Take a look around what you can do and want to do, then try your best every day to get the best possible results. People who can do that will surely get the success they expect.


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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ