This is where medical experts, doctors help you answer the corona virus

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Statistics from Google Trends show that people’s interest in the new corona virus has increased sharply right after the outbreak. For weeks, the keyword ” symptoms of corona virus infection ” was searched more than 1,000%.

Clearly, equipping the knowledge needed to prevent disease is an indispensable need for everyone.

But are you sure what you find on search engines, or even on social media, is right? Misunderstanding information or getting caught up in fake sources can endanger yourself and those around you at this time.

To solve the problem, you will need a reliable address, help me answer all questions from basic to advanced corona virus, about the evolution of disease situation as well as how to prevent and protect the village. body and society.

Đây là nơi các chuyên gia y tế, bác sĩ giúp bạn giải đáp về virus corona - Ảnh 1.

Be a shield for yourself, your loved ones and society.

The ” Corona virus shield ” page on Lotus social network was created to meet the needs of the community in updating the epidemic situation and equipped with knowledge useful for self-protection and public protection. copper.

Here, you can keep up to date with the latest developments in the epidemic situation, directly tracking the number of new corona virus infections, the number of deaths and cured cases in Vietnam and around the world. gender.

With the necessary knowledge recommended by the Ministry of Health, WHO and health professionals through the Knowledge Manual and short tests updated every day, you will be able to test yourself, protect yourself from Corona virus, becomes a shield for yourself, your loved ones and society.

Corona virus shield ” is also where you can find the most accurate and useful advice from the leading medical experts in the field. To be able to do that, visit the social network Lotus, and the page ” Corona virus shield ” under the link:

Click Follow Page, and follow the Talking Expert Directory .

Directory of Experts said on the page ” Corona virus shield ” gathers articles, interviews and advice from doctors, researchers, scientists not only in Vietnam but also from all over the world. world.

They are all dedicated people and feel they have a responsibility to accompany the community in the prevention of new diseases caused by corona virus.

Đây là nơi các chuyên gia y tế, bác sĩ giúp bạn giải đáp về virus corona - Ảnh 2.

This is where medical experts, doctors help you answer the corona virus

The articles in the Speech Expert Directory are presented in an easy to understand, easy to practice and easy to apply manner. With the enthusiastic interpretation of experts, the scientific knowledge about disease and corona virus will no longer be dry and confusing to you.

Refer to some articles in the Expert Directory said , of the ” Corona virus shield ” page on Lotus social network:

– Doctor Nguyen Trung Cap, Head of Emergency Department of National Hospital of Tropical Diseases:

The doctor directly faced corona: Terrible, we were too exhausted from fake news

– Doctor Tran Quoc Khanh, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital:

Corona virus pandemic – The answer to the invisible bewilderment!

– Dr. Dr. Nguyen Hong Vu, City of Hope Cancer Research Institute, California, USA, Scientific Advisor of Purple Ribbon:

Be wary of the advice!

– MSc. BSCK II Nguyen Hong Ha – Former Deputy Director of Central Tropical Hospital, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Infectious Association:

What did the expert who has faced the SARS pandemic talk about corona virus?

Good information and knowledge should always be communicated to as many people as possible. Use social networks in a useful and intelligent way, to become the person who spreads these things to the community.

Equipping useful information and knowledge – in time to build a shield to protect yourself and those around you from the acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of corona virus at: lachanviruscorona

Download the Lotus app to check your knowledge, get the latest notifications and follow reputable sources about the disease.

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