This is the right shape for the big screen mobile computer

Tram Ho

Some say that Apple has finally acknowledged that Microsoft is right about the tablet, as evidenced by the fact that Apple now supports trackpad on iPad for “equal sister” with rival Surface product line. And given that both Apple and Microsoft tablets are pretty similar in terms of hardware power, the battle between PC and iPad will turn to something both can do in terms of software.

While the iPad is becoming more and more similar to the Surface – many people are scolding Apple for that change – we all know that there are still big differences between the two devices. While the iPad is trying to get rid of the “enlarged iPhone” image, Surface wants to find a way to leave its desktop legacy behind.

With the COVID-19 epidemic spreading at a dizzying pace, many companies have asked employees to work from home, and what is more convenient than a compact tablet, with a keyboard, plus a trackpad? Chrome OS is also a good choice – many Chromebooks today have a form factor convertible, but they rarely have detachable keyboards like Surface or iPad Pro.

Đây chính là hình dáng phù hợp cho những chiếc máy tính di động màn hình lớn - Ảnh 1.

We rarely have a home office, so it’s obvious that every possible place in the house is a workplace – and having a device that adapts to the space you live in is really a priority. So. Sometimes you put it on a kitchen table, sometimes on a chair, on the floor, on a salon, on a bed, etc. You want a device that’s highly versatile, and computers that just let you touch the screen. The image just using the trackpad like a traditional laptop would be much better.

In short, the ability to disassemble, take away, or at least hide the keyboard to be able to interact directly with the screen is becoming an essential feature for many people. And a trackpad to move the cursor around the screen when you want to be more productive is equally important. The keyboard is detachable, like the iPad and Surface, or in convertible form like many Windows or Chrome OS laptops.

Đây chính là hình dáng phù hợp cho những chiếc máy tính di động màn hình lớn - Ảnh 2.

That’s not a great discovery, but people are increasingly welcoming it. Maybe the MacBook is still a true computer, born to take care of true productivity, but it looks like a remnant of time. It’s true that the Mac wasn’t designed for touch, but when you step back and look at it, you’ll begin to feel that it’s not justification for Apple’s choice, but rather an explanation for rationalization. an unnecessary omission.

Reference: TheVerge

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