This is the only country in the world that sells iPhone 13 with headphones

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Similar to last year’s iPhone 12, Apple continues to sell iPhone 13 with EarPods wired headphones in France. Although Apple began to stop selling EarPods with iPhones from the iPhone 12, a special French regulation related to radio frequency (RF) energy makes it impossible for “apple defects” to apply this sales policy here.

Regulation revolves around the potential danger to the brain from absorbing radiofrequency energy. This is a matter of mixed opinions, but many countries have put legal limits on this. In Apple’s case, the iPhone uses a proximity sensor to detect whether the user is holding the phone close to their head, thereby reducing RF energy.

Đây là quốc gia duy nhất trên thế giới bán iPhone 13 kèm tai nghe - Ảnh 1.

Apple still includes EarPods in the iPhone 13 packaging in France. (Photo: MacRumors)

In France, the authorities were more aggressive when issuing regulations that users should be encouraged to stay away from holding the phone near their head. France recommends using a phone headset. The specific goal of the regulation is to protect children 14 years of age and younger from radio frequencies.

For that reason, France requires smartphones to be sold with headphones, “accessories that help the head limit exposure to radio radiation during communication”. As a result, Apple includes EarPods in the iPhone 13 packaging.

According to a share on the MacRumors forum, Apple uses a “box in a box” solution to keep the iPhone packaging and packaging process unchanged. Just open the outer box, users will see the iPhone 13 case. Lifting the iPhone, they will see the EarPods underneath.

According to 9to5mac

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