This is the Galaxy S10 with a… 14,000mAh battery

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If you feel that your smartphone gives you less than expected battery life, what will you do? Most users will think of three ways: (1) bring the charger with you, (2) carry a spare battery, or (3) replace the battery if the battery is dead.

But, Reddit user T-VIRUS691 made a bolder decision with his Galaxy S10. Instead of implementing the above methods, this member decided to build a battery with a capacity of up to… 14,000mAh. To achieve this, T-VIRUS691 found a battery cell with a capacity of 10,000mAh, then connected it in parallel to the machine’s built-in 4,000mAh battery.

And here is the final result. It can be seen that, from a Galaxy S10 with a slim, light, elegant design, now the Galaxy S10 of T-VIRUS691 looks like a real brick. With a battery that makes the back face high and sharp lines, it must be difficult to hold or pocket this machine.

Đây là Galaxy S10 với viên pin... 14.000mAh - Ảnh 1.
Đây là Galaxy S10 với viên pin... 14.000mAh - Ảnh 2.

The Galaxy S10 after being upgraded

However, on Reddit, T-VIRUS691 seems very proud of its achievement. Calling this a “dream phone”, this member thinks that the “manufactured” version of the Galaxy S10 has all the necessary elements in a phone.

“High performance: yes. AMOLED screen: yes. Headphone jack: yes. Memory card slot: yes. NFC and wireless charging: under research. Screen bezel is so big that I can use 1 hands without touching the edge of the screen: yes. Can charge my wife’s S10 5G: yes. True all-day battery life: yes,” this member wrote.

However, under the comment section, many other members expressed apprehension when looking at this machine. Many people believe that using such a battery will bring safety risks to the owner, even to others.

“I don’t think you should fly with this. It’s a very cool project, but frankly, it’s not designed or tested to be carried on a plane. I think the risk is one thing. something happens is very low, but if it does, it will have very serious consequences.”

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