This is the DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo: Large sensor, super wide angle, 2 screens with a series of magnetic accessories

Tram Ho

After a long wait, DJI fans in Vietnam can order a new generation action cam model from this manufacturer. The DJI Action2 features a fresh design, unique usage, and fun modular accessories that stick together with magnets.

What’s in the DJI Action2 Dual-screen Combo box?

DJI Action2 has 2 versions, 1 version with battery module and 1 version with extra screen module as below. Inside the box, in addition to the main camera module and screen, there are also a lot of cool accessories, such as a tripod mount, magnetic neck strap, magnetic mount and magnetic ball joint adapter. These accessories are essential for attaching Action2 to shirts, helmets, cars… for video recording.

Đây là DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo: Cảm biến lớn, góc quay siêu rộng, 2 màn hình kèm loạt phụ kiện từ tính - Ảnh 2.

DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo version comes with a lot of good accessories in the box.

These modules, in addition to the ability to magnetically attract, also have a special retaining joint that helps the components stick together, must be opened with a finger to open it, so when using it, it can be assured that it will not come off. Particularly, the neckband has 2 pieces of extremely strong magnets, removing it by hand also takes a lot of strength, not worrying about being lost.

Modern design – premium metal build

Unlike other action cam models on the market, the case of the DJI Action2 is made from an ultra-light alloy (only 56g), the surface is sanded with a “classy” tone. The durability of the product has also been tested, minimizing damage and chipping if dropped. Particularly, the main camera module supports dust and water resistance up to 10 meters without needing to remove a separate cover.

Đây là DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo: Cảm biến lớn, góc quay siêu rộng, 2 màn hình kèm loạt phụ kiện từ tính - Ảnh 3.

The DJI Action2 has a compact design, premium exterior, and durable materials that resist dust, water, and drops. Components attach to each other with magnets and super-strong dual mounts.

The extra screen module, in addition to the touch screen, also has a memory card slot, a USB-C charging port, control buttons and a large capacity battery inside to help increase the recording time of the camera from 70 minutes to maximum. 160 minutes max.

What is the new feature system?

Despite having a smaller body than many competitors, the DJI Action2 integrates a larger image sensor, up to 1/1.7 inch. Combined with the 12MP resolution, the device can both capture better light and record 4K video, with reduced noise, a wider dynamic range, and increased color accuracy. The camera’s lens has a wide viewing angle of up to 155 degrees to capture many scenes and limit crop loss when the anti-shake mode is turned on.

When it comes to anti-shake, in addition to the basic anti-shake mode, the DJI Action2 also integrates a new technology called HorizonSteady, which crops more edges but ensures that the horizon is always horizontal no matter how hard you move. The “fans”, extreme sports players will definitely like.

Đây là DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo: Cảm biến lớn, góc quay siêu rộng, 2 màn hình kèm loạt phụ kiện từ tính - Ảnh 4.

DJI Action2 completely eliminates vibrations when riding a motorbike. HorizonSteady mode also helps to keep the horizon line from being skewed, but always right horizontally compared to the angle of rotation.

DJI Action2 supports video recording from fullHD 25fps to 2.7K 60fps and 4K 120fps. As a result, you can freely choose the resolution that suits your needs, just shoot for fun to post on social networks or get professional 4K slowmotion footage. However, you should note that only resolutions of 2.7K or less are supported with HorizonSteady stabilization.

Control with the DJI Mimo . app

DJI Action2 can connect to smartphones via the Mimo application, transmitting images in real time over Wifi. You can preview movies, control shooting, adjust modes… The application also has built-in video presets to quickly create beautiful videos with just a few simple steps that anyone can use.

Đây là DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo: Cảm biến lớn, góc quay siêu rộng, 2 màn hình kèm loạt phụ kiện từ tính - Ảnh 5.

You can control the camera using the built-in touchscreen or the DJI Mimo app on your phone.

Another small and essential feature is voice control to take photos, record videos, change screens or turn off the device just by saying the corresponding command. Anyone who often shoots vlog videos, using a selfie stick will find it very convenient, no need to reach out to press the dial, but just transform into an “expert reading command”.

Is the quality up to expectations?

Other products from DJI all give good image quality, and the Action2 is no exception for both photos and videos. You can also choose D-Cinelike color mode to keep a lot of image information, color post-production will be easier, limiting overexposure, loss of detail.

Đây là DJI Action2 Dual-screen combo: Cảm biến lớn, góc quay siêu rộng, 2 màn hình kèm loạt phụ kiện từ tính - Ảnh 6.

The battery life of the device can reach nearly 2 hours of continuous recording when attached to the secondary screen module, not too much but not too short.

Is it worth buying for 12.99 million?

The number may sound huge, but considering the image quality, the number of accessories included and the flexibility of the magnet joints, the experience is completely worth the price. The fact that DJI sells Action2 with different combo options, the price difference is also a good way for users to choose.

If you just need to record regular video, you can buy the Power-Combo version for a cheaper price, or if you like to shoot more vlogs and selfies, there is a secondary screen module, which is a big plus.

Products are available at VJShop and VJO Vietnam systems, details: Link

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