This is figure 2 at Apple: Salary has surpassed Tim Cook, is expected to become the next CEO

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Since the death of company founder Steve Jobs, Tim Cook has held the position of CEO of Apple for nearly ten years. During Cook’s tenure, the company’s revenue, profit, and market value all hit new record levels. Annual revenue reached 260.1 billion USD and profit reached 55.2 billion USD. As of January 2021, Apple’s market value was $ 2.22 trillion.

Publicly available data also shows that Tim Cook’s annual salary in fiscal year 2020 was approximately $ 14.8 million and in fiscal 2019 prior to that it was $ 11.6 million. Since being promoted to CEO, his earnings also include long-term equity incentives.

But, in addition to Tim Cook, at Apple there is another person who is also receiving much attention, which is CEO Jeff Williams.

Đây là nhân vật số 2 ở Apple: Mức lương đã vượt cả Tim Cook, được dự đoán sẽ trở thành CEO kế nhiệm - Ảnh 1.

Jeff Williams

After Apple’s chief designer Jonny Ivey announced his departure, CEO Jeff Williams took over the company’s hardware and software design team, making him the “second person” after Tim Cook. . And this is also very likely to become the successor of Apple CEO in the future.

Jeff Williams’ salary in 2020 is $ 26.3 million and in 2019 is $ 25.2 million. Obviously, this number is much higher than Tim Cook.

And because of the same “pragmatic” style as Cook, Williams is also referred to by the media as “Tim Cook version 2”. Someone compared their backgrounds and was quite surprised to find that they are very similar. Both are engineers, both receiving degrees from Duke University. Both of their careers also started very early at IBM, then joined Apple. The scope of work for both is about supply chain and operations. At the same time, the two are also known for their good memory, especially fond of capturing details.

Prior to joining Apple, Williams worked for IBM for many years. He joined Apple in the 1990s as a purchasing director, responsible for overseeing Apple’s supply chain and major operations. Working under Cook, Williams is often known for having a large amount of data on operational planning and product development, allowing him to quickly answer questions based on these data during meetings. meeting.

Đây là nhân vật số 2 ở Apple: Mức lương đã vượt cả Tim Cook, được dự đoán sẽ trở thành CEO kế nhiệm - Ảnh 2.

Jeff Williams is a force to be reckoned with at Apple.

After Cook was promoted from COO to CEO in 2011, Apple’s COO position was vacant for four years. Because of his outstanding work ability, Williams was promoted to be Apple’s new COO, and has since become Tim Cook’s most powerful assistant. He is also responsible for developing Apple’s first wearable, the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch was the biggest test Williams had faced in a long time. Prior to the release of the first Apple Watch, some of the staff involved in the device testing had an allergic reaction to the substances used in the case, due to the nickel content. This is a common phenomenon with wearable devices. After understanding the problem, Williams resolutely discarded thousands of watches that had already been produced and added a separate production line using different substances. In addition, he also said that the new vibration module will help Apple Watch vibrate quieter when notified, but the functional component will damage due to corrosion, so he decided to remove this design again. .

In recent years, led by Williams, the Apple Watch has shifted from a focus on fashion to a focus on health and fitness functions, making the Apple Watch the most popular smartwatch in the world. .

And thanks to his achievements, the media has quietly commented: “If Cook decides to retire tomorrow, the most likely candidate to succeed him is COO Jeff Williams”.


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