This is a Transformers toy that can automatically transform through the voice, priced at more than 16 million VND

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Hasbro is the second most famous toy, action figure and board game brand in the world, founded almost a century ago, in late 1923. Up to now, Hasbro continues. continues to maintain its position thanks to the strategy of cooperating with many big names such as Disney, Marvel, and Transformers, while also applying advanced technology solutions to upgrade and diversify its products.

Recently, Hasbro continued to “play big” with the most high-end Transformer toy they have ever produced, which can automatically transform without the need for players to manually assemble as before. Specifically, under the help of Robosen Robotics, this toy brand created an Optimus Prime warrior programmed to switch between two states of robot and car. All actions before, during and after the transformation are automated under the user’s voice commands. The listed price for this product is 699 USD (over 16 million VND).

Đây là mẫu đồ chơi Transformers có thể tự động biến hình qua giọng nói, giá hơn 16 triệu đồng - Ảnh 1.

The entire transformation process of this Optimus Prime toy model has been automated, users just need to give voice commands or use a dedicated mobile application.

In the past few years, Chinese company Robosen Robotics has been promoting research on automatic transforming robot products. Therefore, their partnership with Hasbro for a similar project is not surprisingly big. Launched in the Pulse Fanfest event that took place on April 9, Optimus Prime is a real programmed robot, not just a simple toy model. In addition to the ability to automatically transform and move flexibly, it also offers a complex system of functions, controlled by voice or through a dedicated mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android.

Besides, for users with programming knowledge, they can completely write creative code to add new actions to this product. Hasbro’s Optimus Prime and Robosen’s 19-inch (nearly 0.5-meter) tall are assembled from more than 5,000 different components, including 60 microchips and 27 servomotors. In addition, it also owns more than 80 sound effects, including scenes voiced by actor Peter Cullen himself, and series of classic noises extracted from the animated version of Transformers.

Đây là mẫu đồ chơi Transformers có thể tự động biến hình qua giọng nói, giá hơn 16 triệu đồng - Ảnh 2.

The software is “terrible”, the hardware of Hasbro’s new robot toy is not simple at all when it uses many different components.

We are delighted to partner with Hasbro and hope to raise the bar for robotic products, releasing the most advanced Transformer robots from, ” said Sean Tang, Robosen’s US-based director of Robosen . ever. The entire creative team is working non-stop to bring a wonderful experience to the franchise’s fans, while also contributing to their toy collection new Transformer models with many functions. high level ”.

Hasbro and Robosen’s new Optimus Prime toy is now available on the Hasbro Pulse website for $ 699. Comes with the main product is a protective case, accessories such as a gun or a plastic ax for the Autobot leader, and most importantly, the charging cable of this robot.

[Vietsub] G1 Optimus Prime robot model with the ability to automatically transform by voice, allowing users to program new actions and features for their own toys.

Đây là mẫu đồ chơi Transformers có thể tự động biến hình qua giọng nói, giá hơn 16 triệu đồng - Ảnh 4.

The box and protective case of this toy model also possess a pretty cool design.

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