This is a tiny tracking device that helps to “revive” major sports tournaments around the world

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Sports leagues around the world are returning to their vibrant pace, and the top two leagues in the United States – NFL and NBA – are no exception, although the United States continues to fight Covid. -19. This week, American professional rugby players will practice again, and each will be equipped with a special device.

Đây là thiết bị theo dõi tí hon giúp hồi sinh các giải thể thao lớn trên thế giới - Ảnh 1.

SafeZone products from Kinexon are very compact in size

Specifically, each player will carry a small smart card with the main function of tracking the physical contact distance of each interaction (in and out of the field) as well as the length of these interactions. The latest tool used by both the biggest US leagues – the NFL and the NBA – is a product called SafeZone from the German company Kinexon. Data from the SafeZone card will be very effective in the event that a player is positive for Covid-19. Anyway, the ultimate goal of sports tournaments is to be able to continue in the epidemic, so of course no one will be afraid to invest money in tools to help them realize that.

The name Kinexon may be new to the public, but not strange to professional sports teams: they have had the experience of providing equipment to monitor the performance of players for many years. But when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out globally, the company had to turn to adapt to the times. Mehdi Bentanfous, CEO of Kinexon, said: “When a pandemic started, instead of tracking the location of people’s furniture or property, we just adjusted our technology a bit so that we could record receive information about the distance between one person and the other . ”

Kinexon performance recorders are intended to provide valuable information to teams through accurate positioning and the ability to track movement. SafeZone is a simpler product whose mission is to track the distance between people and the length of time interaction between them.

Now, when NBA basketball players start practicing again in Orlando, the NBA organizers have given them the equipment, and also require the media as well as the organizers themselves to wear it. them. According to safety documents obtained by CNBC, the American Professional Basketball Association has assured athletes that these devices will not function to access locations via GPS.

Đây là thiết bị theo dõi tí hon giúp hồi sinh các giải thể thao lớn trên thế giới - Ảnh 2.

SafeZone can be worn as an identification card.

SafeZone has a fairly simple design: a small card about the size of an Apple AirPods case, weighing about 14 grams, with a proximity sensor inside. Users can wear it in the form of a bracelet, put it on a tag, or simply attach it to the training or competition equipment they wear. When a player or coach member approaches another person within 6 feet (about 1.8 meters), a red warning light will appear. After 5 seconds, the device will issue a sound, letting the wearer (s) know that they have to keep a distance. However, Kinexon also said that these parameters, including distance and contact duration, can be customized to fit customer needs.

Meanwhile, the NFL solution uses SafeZone cards for mandatory contact tracing. In documents documenting the procedure in the Covid-19 translation that organizers provided to clubs and players, they said the distance recording devices would be used to identify close contacts. in the match. NFL organizers also stipulate in common activities, such as training or when the team is on the move, everyone must use these devices, not just the players, but all members of a team. NFL devices must wear this device daily. When a person checks in every day, they will be given a device, and they will return the device at the end of the day to serve the data download and disinfect the card.

The idea of ​​all these actions is actually very simple. When someone has a positive test result, all data about who has been in contact with that person as well as the length of exposure are saved and ready for use.

Kinexon also said that each sensor will have a unique code, rather than an individual number. Contact tracking using information from SafeZone tags will be handled by IQVIA, an independent company that works with the NFL on health and safety data. Once a positive case is identified, IQVIA will immediately identify the players and other staff members who have had close contact with the infected individual, thereby implementing additional follow-up as well as conducting tests with these people. this person.

Đây là thiết bị theo dõi tí hon giúp hồi sinh các giải thể thao lớn trên thế giới - Ảnh 3.

Many tournaments can be played again, thanks in large part to the help of tiny SafeZone cards.

Kinexon also said that more than 25,000 people use SafeZone products to serve the purpose of tracing contact and social spacing. Not just the NBA or the NFL, the company has also worked with many of the top soccer leagues in Europe. Of course, at home, Kinexon also helped the Bundesliga DFL and BBL to re-start and finish the rest of the season.

When asked about the price of the product, CEO Bentanfous said, the price depends on the number as well as the organizations and businesses need them sooner or later. He also revealed that Kinexon’s customers not only have sports tournaments or clubs, but also the largest food companies in the world. He said: “ Currently, with ongoing projects, we are operating at 150% capacity. Big companies, or even sports leagues, have realized the need for physical distance tracking is not just for now, but will continue even next year, depending on the whether or not the 2nd wave of pandemics.

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