This hashtag is causing a fever on TikTok, only 2 days but more than 3 billion views!

Tram Ho

Just two days ago, BlackPink – the second hottest hit in the Kpop music industry – posted a short video on social networks, revealing about the new dance, the trend of ‘Dance like BlackPink’ with the hashtag #danceAwesome.

Hashtag này đang gây sốt trên TikTok, mới 2 ngày mà đã hơn 3 tỉ lượt xem! - Ảnh 1.

Let’s dance like BlackPink!

Shortly thereafter, the trend quickly caught fire on both Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. A series of celebrities, youtubers, and other vloggers posted dance videos, and soon tens of thousands of other fans around the world.

If you search with the keyword #danceAwesome on social networks, you will see hundreds, thousands of video results appear. Particularly on TikTok, this hashtag has attracted nearly 150 million views on the first day of broadcast and now the number has surpassed 3 billion views already. The video of how to dance for 4 of the Black girls has reached nearly 15 million views in just 2 days.

Hashtag này đang gây sốt trên TikTok, mới 2 ngày mà đã hơn 3 tỉ lượt xem! - Ảnh 2.

On TikTok, the hashtag #danceAwesome has reached over 3 billion views. Particularly, the video on BlackPink’s own channel has nearly 15 million.

Currently, this hashtag is constantly being responded to the new dance cover videos. The dance #danceAwesome looks extremely simple, easy to follow but also bears the imprint of BlackPink. If you want to have a “cheap moment” with your idol, hurry and practice dancing and post it on social networks right away, don’t forget to have the hashtag #danceAwesome too, maybe what will be noticed by the BlackPink girls?

Not only that, at the end of the video introduction dance, BlackPink also revealed an extremely attractive information dedicated to Blinks in Asia. It is an exclusive exchange with 4 girls in Jakarta, Indonesia at 17:00 on January 14. It is known that this is only one of the combined events of Samsung Galaxy A and BlackPink smartphones. The fans of the group will certainly be “listening” more in the future.

Hashtag này đang gây sốt trên TikTok, mới 2 ngày mà đã hơn 3 tỉ lượt xem! - Ảnh 3.

Let’s wait for an exclusive exchange with BlackPink.

Hey Blinks, are you ready to Dance like BlackPink? Along “waiting” right on the fanpage offline!

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