This AI predicts the next actor to transform into James Bond

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Daniel Craig will be playing James Bond for the last time in the movie “No Time To Die” scheduled to open in theaters next November, and fans of the super spy-killer have begun to argue fiercely about which actor will replace. So he becomes the next 007.

Not only humans, AI software company Largo also got on board. The company predicted the next person to play Bond by analyzing who among the candidates could beat Craig – the 007 with the highest grossing of all time – at the box office.

Largo said its system created an individual actor’s “DNA trace”, made up of more than 1,000 character traits on screen, like character type, plot elements, and nuances. related cinema.

This silly-sounding AI then analyzed each of the traits – judging audience responses by cross-comparing data with past movies. It also created another DNA trace for the Bond character and studied the match with each actor’s DNA trace.

That’s important considering that past studies and projects have found a huge correlation between the success of a movie and the actor / character match rate – that relationship matters. much more than the popularity of the actor, “said Largo.

This AI has finally selected the best candidate for the role of Bond: Henry Cavill – superheroes and monster hunter who are assessed to have a 92.3% chance of beating Craig. Throw me a penny!

Sticking to Henry Cavill is Richard Armitage – an actor who played an MI5 agent in the TV show Spooks, who must have had quite a bit of experience to continue working as an MI6 spy. Another potential candidate is the Golden Globe Idris Elba winner, and Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam as well.

If you are a fan of James Norton, then you will probably regret that AI only gave him 74.2% of the chance to play James Bond.

AI also extends anticipation to actresses, and non-British actors. One foreign candidate highly regarded by AI is The Boys star Karl Urban; while former MMA fighter Gina Carano topped the women’s Bond list – both received higher stats than Henry Cavill.

AI này dự đoán diễn viên tiếp theo hoá thân thành James Bond - Ảnh 1.

Henry Cavill revealed that he was denied the role of James Bond because he was too … chubby

Finally, the system ranks the most “top” Bond ever. The results were quite shocking, when AI crowned Roger Moore, while Bond was the most favorite audience, Sean Connery was only third!

Here are the results from the AI:

British Bond:

1. Henry Cavill (92.3%)

2. Richard Armitage (92%)

3. Idris Elba (90.9%)

4. Charlie Hunnam (90.6%)

5. Daniel Craig (88.6%)

6. Tom Hardy (88.3%)

7. Richard Madden (86.7%)

8. Jamie Bell (86.5%)

9. Tom Hiddleston (85.2%)

10. Riz Ahmed (85.0%)

11. James Norton (74.2%)

12. Aidan Turner (65.9%)

Foreign Bond

1. Karl Urban (96.7%)

2. Chris Evans (93.9%)

3. Will Smith (92.2%)

Female Bond

1. Gina Carano (97.3%)

2. Katee Sackhoff (94.4%)

3. Angelina Jolie (94.2%)

4. Milla Jovovich (93.1%)

5. Carrie Anne Moss (92.9%)

6. Paula Patton (92.4%)

Best Bond ever

1. Roger Moore (91.8%)

2. Pierce Brosnan (90.8%)

3. Sean Connery (90.3%)

4. Timothy Dalton (88.5%)

Reference: TheNextWeb

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