Third-degree burn, nerve damage from a smartwatch suddenly exploded on the wrist while sleeping

Tram Ho

Fitbit smart watches are mobile devices that monitor the health and movement of users. The main functions of the Fitbit smartwatch include step count, sleep tracking, calories burned, heart rate monitoring and other daily activities.

With such convenient features, although the price is not cheap (from about 3 million to 15 million VND depending on the model), Fibit still sells more than 100 million products worldwide, with 28 million regular users. through – an achievement not too inferior to Apple's Apple Watch.

However, in the past few days, the case of a Fibit smartwatch exploding right in the hands of users is attracting special attention from the media.

Bỏng độ 3, tổn thương dây thần kinh vì đồng hồ thông minh bất ngờ phát nổ trên cổ tay khi đang ngủ - Ảnh 1.

The Fibit smartwatch blacked out after it exploded

Accordingly, Ethan Landers, a US technology user, has published information and images of his Fitbit watch suddenly caught fire and exploded on his arm while he was sleeping. When he recalled the incident, the user said that the burning sensation on his wrist woke him up, before he discovered his smart watch was on fire.

" I quickly realized my Fitbit was on fire, so I tried frantically to remove it. It felt as if the watch was melting on my wrist. There was smoke coming out of the battery and My bedroom was filled with the smell of electric fire. After I had removed the watch, I immediately called the hospital for emergency advice, the wound was blistered and the skin was white. ".

Bỏng độ 3, tổn thương dây thần kinh vì đồng hồ thông minh bất ngờ phát nổ trên cổ tay khi đang ngủ - Ảnh 2.

The wound is quite heavy on the left wrist

Landers then immediately went to the hospital to examine the wound. According to the diagnosis, he suffered from a third degree burn, a nerve injury to the wrist and most likely would require a skin transplant. Currently, the burn has been cleaned and X-rayed to make sure no debris is left in the flesh.

Landers shared his current state with a warning: " I don't have any sensation in my wrist due to nerve damage, and a big scar will follow me. end of life ", he said. " This is a traumatic experience and I hope no one has to go through the same thing. So if you own Fitbit, please consider using it ."

Currently, Fibit has not yet provided an official response to the incident. A week ago, the company was officially acquired by Google for about $ 2.1 billion.

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