These things should be kept in mind when installing an electronic identification application on your phone to avoid the risk of information being disclosed

Tram Ho

Which phones can use the national electronic identification application?

The National Electronic Identification Application requires the citizen’s mobile device to use the Android 5 or iOS 9 operating system or higher. In addition, the Ministry of Public Security recommends using a device with a good camera, an average device configuration or higher, and ensuring an Internet connection for the best experience during application use.

Currently, the VNEID application can be downloaded through the Google play app store (CH play) for devices using the Android operating system and the App Store for devices using the iOS operating system.

According to regulations, a citizen’s e-ID account can only log in on a single device at a time, so citizens cannot use an e-ID account on many different devices at the same time. . In addition, a unique phone number can only be registered electronically for an individual under the CCCD number.

What should I pay attention to to use fingerprint / face recognition authentication for VNEID application?

Citizens need to enter the password of the electronic identity account at the first login on the device, from the next time the citizen can use the fingerprint/face image to authenticate instead of the login password by setting set in the application.

When using in-app services, citizens will have to perform additional authentication using fingerprints/facial photos and passcodes (known only to citizens). The password of the citizen’s account is required to have uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters (minimum length 8 characters); are required to change periodically (at least every 6 months).

Citizens need to make sure the device only has their fingerprint/face. In case there is someone else’s fingerprint / face on that device, you should use a password to log in and remember to log out of the application when not in use.

In the event of losing a device using an electronic identity account, a citizen can make a request to temporarily lock the account to ensure the safety of his personal data in one of two ways:

– Request an account lockout on the National Electronic Identity website.

– Contact the police for support to temporarily lock the account.

Will malicious applications accidentally installed on the phone cause the private data of citizens on VNEID to be illegally accessed?

The electronic identification data is not stored on the citizen’s mobile device with the VNEID application installed, so it is difficult for strange applications to access the device to steal information. Only when the citizen registers for access will it be displayed on the application and the citizen fully knows the exact presentation to display information to other objects (if necessary). Presenting (showing) information is similar to presenting physical documents and cards.

When a functional officer requests to check a citizen’s personal information and papers, the citizen must “permit” that is, grant the right to inspect, so that the functional officer can view the information within the scope of his/her permission. permission.

When a third party (service provider such as a bank, e-wallet…; healthcare, insurance, public service system…) has a need to use citizens’ data in their services, it must also consent of the citizens. Depending on the 3rd party security and authentication level requirements, citizen information will be digitally signed (anti-change, anti-repudiation), and encrypted. Systems of 3rd parties, when connected to electronic identification and authentication systems, must be securely authenticated.

However, to ensure safety against high-tech criminals, the Ministry of Public Security recommends that citizens do not install strange and malicious applications, do not share their account information as well as pay attention to security. secure your device using an e-identification application.

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