These are the specifications of AirB Pro, a high-end true wireless headset that BKAV will announce tomorrow

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It is not until tomorrow, that BKAV officially announces the order program for AirB Pro headphones. However, due to an error of BKAV website administrators in the process of updating product information, we have obtained the full parameters of this headset.

AirB Pro is BKAV’s high-end true wireless headset. Compared to the “regular” version of the AirB, the key feature of the AirB Pro is active noise cancellation (ANC). BKAV’s documents show that AirB Pro will have a crosstalk feature, helping to hear the sound of the surrounding environment. This feature is very similar to Transparency Mode on AirPods Pro.

AirB Pro has a built-in motion sensor, allowing users to control basic features. In addition, users will have the ability to control the on/off of noise cancellation and crosstalk modes. Another feature is the timer on / off the headset, useful for people who have a habit of wearing headphones to listen to music before going to bed.

Đây là thông số kỹ thuật của AirB Pro, tai nghe true wireless cao cấp mà BKAV sẽ công bố vào ngày mai - Ảnh 1.

AirB’s image was published by BKAV in May 2020

BKAV brings to AirB Pro 2 microphones based on Qualcomm’s cVc (Clear Voice Capture) technology, which the company advertises as “removing noise, making conversation sounds super clear and surreal”.

AirB Pro will be IP45 water resistant. However, the reliability of this waterproof standard is still a big question mark, when BKAV once “self-styled” for the Bphone B86 IP68+ standard, a waterproof standard that is not included in the standards of the IEC organization.

In terms of battery life, users will be able to listen to music continuously for 5 hours and up to 18 hours when combined with the charging case. Just 10 minutes of charging can be used continuously for up to 1 hour. The battery capacity of the charging box according to BKAV’s data is 400mAh.

Update: On the morning of October 28, BKAV officially announced AirB Pro with the correct specifications as leaked.

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