There is a repair schedule for international undersea cable AAG

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The repair and troubleshooting situation on Asia America Gateway (AAG) and Asia Africa Europe 1 (AAE-1), two of the five main undersea cable routes connecting the Internet from Vietnam to the world, has just been approved by a supplier. Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam informed with ICTnews.

This ISP representative said that the repair and troubleshooting schedule that occurred at 11:50 pm on October 22 on the S1I branch connecting from Vietnam to Hong Kong (China) was announced by the cable management unit to the company. network operators in Vietnam. Accordingly, the source leak on the S1I branch will be fixed on December 10.

However, even if the repair and troubleshooting on the S1I branch is carried out according to the above planned plan, the AAG cable route still cannot be fully restored, due to a cable fault on the Vietnam connection direction. – Singapore happened at the end of October, there is still no repair schedule.

Đã có lịch sửa chữa tuyến cáp quang biển quốc tế AAG - Ảnh 1.

In 2021, the AAG undersea fiber optic cable had problems 3 times in June, July and October (Artwork).

AAG is an undersea fiber optic cable that directly connects Southeast Asia with the US, officially put into operation in November 2009. The countries and territories that the AAG sea cable passes through include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam (the cable branch turns into Vietnam with a length of 314km, the landing point in Vung Tau), Brunei, Hong Kong (China) ), Philippines and the United States (Guam, Hawaii and California).

In more than 11 years of being put into operation, despite frequent problems, according to experts, for many reasons, AAG traffic is still used by many domestic carriers at a large rate. This is also the reason why every time the cable has a problem, it still affects the quality of international services provided to users of the network operator, especially in the early days.

In 2021, AAG has had 3 problems in June, July and October. In the third incident this year, AAG experienced a power leak on the S1I branch on the evening of October 22 and the connection-oriented cable branch. Vietnam – Singapore has also suffered from errors since the end of October. Therefore, the entire connection capacity on the AAG cable line is being interrupted.

Meanwhile, another undersea cable, AAE-1, was also faulty, affecting the quality of Vietnam’s Internet services internationally. In the newly updated information, a representative of an ISP in Vietnam said that the repair and troubleshooting of the AAE-1 undersea cable route will be completed on November 10, completely restoring the transmission channels on the Internet. route, 5 days earlier than the old schedule.

The AAE-1 undersea cable route is being handled by the cable management unit at the same time with 3 incidents occurring on the route in September 2021. These incidents have also caused the loss of all capacity on the AAE-1 cable from Vietnam to international.

As a sea cable route put into operation in July 2017, AAE-1 has the role of improving the quality of connectivity towards Europe and the Middle East as well as providing additional capacity and redundancy towards the connection direction to Hong Kong. Kong (China), Singapore.

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