There has just been a $ 100 billion tech startup ‘going public’ but nobody knows about this company!

Tram Ho

Europe has always been known as a place where there is a shortage of large internet technology companies that can compete with the US and Chinese giants such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba or Tencent.

But after last night, everything changed when a consumer internet company was successfully listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange for $ 100 billion.

The company is called Prosus and it was separated from the South African consumer internet empire called Naspers. Prosus said the market capitalization of its first day of trading reached nearly $ 100 billion, making it the 10th largest internet consumer corporation in the world.

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“The Prosus IPO this time is an interesting step for the corporation, it also creates opportunities for global technology investors to directly participate in the attractive portfolio of internet businesses. global consumption, “CEO Naspers and Prosus said.

In fact, Prosus is not a consumer internet enterprise, meaning that it does not provide digital services under its own brand like Facebook or Alibaba. Instead, they invest in a group of global inetnet companies in everything from payment to fintech and food delivery.

The company’s most famous investment is buying a 31% stake in the giant Tencent. Naspers invested US $ 32 million in Tencent in 2001 and is currently worth US $ 130 billion.

Under the new structure, Prosus will hold Tencent’s stake in Nasper as well as in other companies such as Russian social network or food delivery company Delivery Hero of Germany. Nasper remains the largest owner of the new company.

Prosus’s listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange changed the technology perspective in Europe as the company now becomes one of the largest technology institutions in the region. According to Reuter data, it is only less than the size of the German software company SAP at a value of 135 billion USD.

Europe is currently inferior to the US and China in the technology race. In the list of the top 20 largest internet companies in value in 2018, no companies are based in Europe. Last month, a report said foreign investment funds would invest in “high potential European companies” that could compete with major technology companies in the US and China.

“Naspers believes that choosing Amsterdam will and will benefit the company when the European market is one of the largest and most potential.”


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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ