There are rumors that Apple will stop negotiating electric vehicle production with Hyundai

Tram Ho

The idea of ​​an Apple electric car is on the way to come true, a Bloomberg report said recently that the iPhone maker has halted negotiations with two Korean carmakers – including Hyundai and company I’m Kia – about this project. An anonymous source from Bloomberg added that Apple is contacting other manufacturers about a similar plan.

It is not clear if their talks with Kia and Hyundai will reopen.

Rộ tin đồn Apple dừng đàm phán sản xuất xe điện với Hyundai - Ảnh 1.

From the very beginning when the first rumors appeared late last year, Apple was dissatisfied as Hyundai confirmed ongoing negotiations around the company’s plans to produce electric vehicles.

In fact, there have been disagreements inside Hyundai over this plan as to whether Hyundai or its subsidiary Kia will produce Apple’s self-driving car. Also, some Hyundai executives are still pondering whether it’s worth the risk to see Apple as a customer.

If negotiations continue, Kia will be a more viable option as they are looking to produce an Apple Car in their factory in Georgia. In early February, Apple was said to have nearly completed an agreement with Kia for a $ 3.6 billion investment in the production of the Apple Car electric car with this partner.

According to previous rumors, this electric vehicle was built on Hyundai’s E-GMP electric vehicle chassis with the Korean company improving the manufacturing and design capabilities of some components.

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