The zero dollar psychological marketing strategy that Elon Musk applied to Tesla: One of the greatest growth stories in history

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We can see that there are few brands in the same field of cars on the market today that can create as many breakthroughs and successes as Tesla. So far, there are many companies that have failed to work to create a widely used electric car. In contrast, Tesla is not only making electric cars more and more popular, but also making them more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of consumers. Tesla has become one of the biggest companies on the planet and made CEO Elon Musk one of the richest people in the world.

But why does Tesla succeed in this area while other companies fail? And what surprised us the most was, they really did create a miracle without spending any dollars on marketing.

Chiến lược tiếp thị tâm lí 0 đồng mà Elon Musk đã áp dụng cho Tesla: Một trong những câu chuyện tăng trưởng vĩ đại nhất lịch sử - Ảnh 1.

Elon Musk hates marketing and advertising activities, so he refuses to spend money on it. On the surface, it seems that this extreme of Musk could lead to unpredictable consequences. However, Tesla actually has some secret weapons to help them achieve success.

Today, we’re going to talk about 3 psychological tactics in marketing that helped Tesla grow so fast and grow, at a cost of $0.

1. The Psychology of Tesla Fanaticism Strategy

“The Musketeer” is the nickname that people often refer to when referring to Elon Musk. He helped put Tesla in the spotlight from its very first days. Musk is described as a self-made man, a skilled engineer, a brilliant leader, and a fervent futurist. One thing you don’t know, however, is that Musk wasn’t the man who founded Tesla. He participated in Tesla’s first round of funding, and the company’s website notes Musk as a co-founder. But one thing we can be sure of is that, Elon Musk is the fourth CEO of the company.

The factor that built Tesla’s popularity was partly due to Elon’s reputation. He has a lot in common with Tesla’s early founders, who were active in the technology field. They are rich and educated.

These people want to ride a sports car that can represent their value. They don’t care too much about protecting the environment. They just want to look cool and be admired for their intelligence when driving in cars shaped like futuristic spaceships, and traveling on highways. That’s a very different strategy for Tesla from so many electric car companies that have gone before it, like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight.

Elon Musk clearly understands, if he creates a new vision and a community of people who share the same passion as Tesla, people in the technology industry will be attracted and want to be a part of the company. the company. The psychological secret behind this strategy is a principle called “Unity”, which means the principle of unity.

What is the content of the “Unity” principle?

The Principle of Unity was coined by professor Robert Cialdini. Its content is that we are influenced by people like us. This is evident in the beliefs of religious organizations, political parties, family ties or even those who attended the same school together. According to Cialdini: “The main feature of these groups is that the members tend to find it easy to get along. One member’s behavior can affect the self-esteem of other members.”

The Tesla brand and Elon’s story have created a sense of unity among Tesla fans. They are all smart, creative, and quick to grasp cutting-edge technologies. The first customers created the impetus for Tesla to grow, from tapping the market in the auto industry to becoming a pioneer in the production of electric cars.

2. Addictive charm from Elon Musk

You certainly can’t talk about a certain sect without talking about its outstanding leader. In this case, Elon Musk is the king of the technology village.

Musk has a Twitter account with 59 million followers. He wants to go to Mars. He dates celebrities and is one of the richest people in the world. Elon Musk’s hobby is to build flamethrowers and become an arch-rival with Jeff Bezos. In short, Elon Musk is very charismatic and everyone is attracted to him.

So what is the psychology behind charisma? What is it and why do we love it so much?

Charisma is a type of force that can charm or inspire someone’s loyalty, love, and enthusiasm. Researchers have found that the attraction from electric cars is quite large. Everyone is looking for pioneering innovators in the field. These are the people who seem to have a clear vision of the future, at a time when most people are uncertain about what will happen in the future.

But what makes someone attractive?

According to the studies that have been done, the biggest distinguishing feature of attraction is the speed of the brain. Basically, you have to be a quick thinker. You will always have a witty response ready to respond after someone asks a question. If you do this, you can be quite the charismatic person.

And Musk is a sharp thinker!

Elon Musk uses his charisma better than anyone like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. He built his personal brand to become the most famous CEO on the planet, and thanks to that, Tesla has thrived on his reputation. So, Elon Musk didn’t need to spend a dime on advertising activities. He himself, along with stock products, is the most expensive marketing channel in the world.

3. Tesla has turned electric cars into a kind of status symbol

Tesla is a brand that has always focused on researching and improving products. That doesn’t set them apart from other car brands. Almost any brand realizes that a great product is the best marketing plan in the world.

However, Tesla has made a significant difference. When they launched the Roadster electric car, they created something more innovative and stylish. Similar to the iPhone, style goes hand in hand with performance to get people excited about your product. You can find a similar combination of style and quality in Tesla’s recent Cyber ​​Truck product launch. It’s an electric pickup truck. This car looks “crazy” but is also quite cool.

This combination of fashion and innovation also makes the electric car a kind of Status Symbol for its owner. Psychologists know that people will always strive to achieve a certain position in life. It is a powerful source of motivation within each person.

Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga shared the following: “When you wake up in the morning, you will always think about your status in society. You think about your position in relation to your colleagues. around”.

When buying a product that elevates your social status, people begin to crave that item. It fulfills people’s psychological need for status. What you use not only reflects your image, but also shows the world who you are and where you stand in society.

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