The world’s most mysterious hacker group warned Elon Musk: “Stop manipulating cryptocurrencies, being worshiped online should understand your role.”

Tram Ho

Anonymous, one of the most famous hacker groups in the world in recent years, has kept an eye on Elon Musk after the “crazy games” he did with the cryptocurrency world.

The hacker group attacked and exposed countless individuals and organizations that alerted Musk through a YouTube video. They argue that Musk has manipulated the cryptocurrency market, influencing investors and causing the market to fluctuate wildly in recent weeks.

In a video posted Saturday, a familiar Guy Fawkes masked man gives a warning, berating him about how he got his wealth, his businesses, and warning that “buyers” His joy” has impacted the lives of many people.

Over the past few years, he has enjoyed the most favorable reputation of anyone in the billionaire class because he has touched on the desires of many of us: the world of electric cars and space exploration. “, the video said. ” But recently, his image has come out, making people start to see him as a rich man who craves attention .”

Nhóm hacker bí ẩn nhất thế giới cảnh báo Elon Musk: Ngừng thao túng tiền điện tử, được sùng bái trên mạng thì nên hiểu rõ vai trò của mình - Ảnh 1.

The famous hacker group Anonymous posted a warning video of Elon Musk.

The video shows ” unacceptable working conditions ” for Tesla employees and others working at Lithium mines around the world, as well as Musk’s description of himself as ” the emperor of the world”. Mars “. Musk has been criticized for being less interested in saving the world and more like a “premier person who genuinely cares about humanity .”

There are many companies working in space exploration and electric vehicles. He is just the only CEO who has a following and cult following in the online world ,” Anonymous said. The video shows that most of Tesla’s value comes from US government subsidies from the sale of electric cars, not from the cars themselves. They also make a lot of money from holding Bitcoin.

Reading the comments on his Twitter posts, it seems that his game with the crypto market has ruined the lives of millions of investors who believe in crypto to improve their lives. “, the group said. ” This is something he never understood because he was born into wealth and knew nothing about the survival struggle of most of the working people in the world .”

The video also mentions some of Musk’s latest tweets, including his statement that he doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments, causing massive volatility in the crypto market. His tweets this week show a marked disregard for ordinary workers. As hard workers are trampled upon their dreams, he continues to mock them with meme photos from one of his million dollar mansions “.

Nhóm hacker bí ẩn nhất thế giới cảnh báo Elon Musk: Ngừng thao túng tiền điện tử, được sùng bái trên mạng thì nên hiểu rõ vai trò của mình - Ảnh 2.

Currently, Elon Musk has not given his views directly related to Anonymous’s statement.

In the hacker world, Anonymous is the embodiment of chaos, darkness with talented but eccentric people. If other famous hacker groups often shocked the world in a short time and then retreated into the dark, Anynomous operated for a decade, targeting a series of organizations, businesses and individuals. This group of hackers was once on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

With the motto “you can’t decapitate a headless snake”, this group of hackers has a loose structure, no leader, instead of a hierarchy like many other organizations. Therefore, even members of this organization do not know how many people they have, where they come from. Therefore, if any of their members are exposed, other members can quietly withdraw, without fear of being revealed.

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