The woman who lost $ 12,000 playing c looked up at the sky and cried: “Don’t trust people because life is always full of temptations!”

Tram Ho

A 77-year-old Indiana woman has lost more than $12,000 in a Bitcoin cryptocurrency scam.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a Chesterton resident received the email in June. It was a purported email alerting the woman to fraudulent activity on her PayPal account.

The email said that almost $500 in her account had been taken, and she needed to call a phone number to fix the problem.

When the 77-year-old woman called at the number given, a male voice instructed her to buy $3,500 in Bitcoin on the popular Coinbase exchange.

The man on the phone then offered to personally guide her through these processes by accessing her smartphone via screen sharing.

He also asked if he would be able to access her checking account to help recover the lost PayPal money?

And this “gutsy” woman agreed to all his requests, even providing him with some identification with her photo.

Finally, after 6 withdrawals, the woman gradually realized that $8,800 had been withdrawn from her account. In addition to the $3500 used to buy Bitcoin, the woman lost more than $12,000 to the scammer.

Người phụ nữ mất 12.000 đô la khi chơi Bitcoin ngửa mặt lên trời than khóc: Đừng dễ tin người vì cuộc sống luôn đầy rẫy cám dỗ! - Ảnh 1.

Scams like this happen very often, and the victims are often older people, because this group of people often have little exposure to high technology. Many victims were so embarrassed that they did not report it to the law enforcement agency, making themselves disadvantaged.

But you should know, as soon as you realize yourself encountering a scammer, you should quickly report to the nearest authorities. Because that’s the way to help you regain justice and property. If you hide the truth, you are only inadvertently aiding the bad guys.

Chesterton Police, Sgt. “It seems that at a certain age, a lot of people are susceptible to this type of scam,” says Dave Virijevich . These types of criminals often prey on the “genuine kindness” and “trusting nature” of people.

They will pretend to be a good person or a person with a background and position in society. Then use a confident and caring voice to persuade and advise the subject. The psychology of those who have just heard the news that money has been stolen will be very confused, and they will easily be touched by these bad objects after a few words.

In a way, these criminals are very good psychological manipulators. But sadly, they use their talents to do illegal things.

After being refunded by the bank the amount is 2000 dollars. Since then, the woman has closed the affected accounts, bought a new phone and notified the authorities about the crime.

Người phụ nữ mất 12.000 đô la khi chơi Bitcoin ngửa mặt lên trời than khóc: Đừng dễ tin người vì cuộc sống luôn đầy rẫy cám dỗ! - Ảnh 2.

For many people, Bitcoin is a form of virtual money and should not be engaged because they will certainly not gain anything, and lose everything. Reality is not so!

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, but it can be used directly in exchange transactions, online payments, online shopping, some people even use Bitcoin to buy Lamboghini supercars. So Bitcoin is also “money”.

However, how to use this money requires you to be very discerning and flexible. Because today, Bitcoin money is still not popular in the market, many people are still quite confused about it.

Playing Bitcoin is not bad, because it depends on how you play, how to actually have “money” to spend is worth talking about. At the same time, for this currency, when using it, you should also be careful because there are many scammers that rely on it to make profits.

Anyway, the old people used to say: “Be careful not to worry!” that’s it. So if before you want to invest in Bitcoin or any other product, you should remember the rules carefully, prepare carefully, and then you will have less worries!

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