The woman behind the Jack Ma empire, beautiful, brilliant but single: The standard of choosing a spouse is “not affecting the job”

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Người phụ nữ đứng đằng sau đế chế Jack Ma, xinh đẹp, giỏi giang nhưng vẫn độc thân: Tiêu chuẩn chọn bạn đời là “không làm ảnh hưởng tới công việc” - Ảnh 1.

Talking about famous entrepreneurs in China, perhaps Jack Ma is the first name that many people think of, Jack Ma has always been considered a successful man, Alibaba that he created not only instead Changing the model of traditional e-commerce but also bringing a lot of benefits in the lives of Chinese people. But many of us only know the name of Jack Ma but do not know the woman he admires so much, that woman has a fortune of tens of billions of yuan, but, she still single.

That woman is Ly Dinh, she is the senior director that Jack Ma personally invited over to work for her, her importance to Alibaba is irreplaceable. She is currently the curator of Alibaba’s huge funds, and it is she who brought Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Fund into operation.

What kind of person is Ly Dinh?

Li Ding was born in Maizhou, Guangdong, China, but she grew up in Shenzhen. Ly Dinh’s parents are all knowledgeable people, they enjoy a very good education so that they always create conditions for their daughter to be developed in the best way.

Ly Dinh’s parents educated their daughter strictly from a young age, Ly Dinh’s educational path was also more favorable than others, her achievements were always in the top of the school, she was even a student with high frequency. rate “dance class” the most in school, no matter what class she is in, Ly Dinh is always the youngest. That is also the reason why even at the age of 24, Ly Dinh has a huge profile with rich working experience for foreign enterprises.

Later Ly Dinh went to America to work and study, where she received a better education. With her excellent grades, she won an invitation from a famous American university, she finally decided to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

During her study at MIT, Ly Dinh was exposed to all aspects of knowledge, including computers, economics and other related courses. She was only 20 years old the year she graduated from her master’s degree.

Người phụ nữ đứng đằng sau đế chế Jack Ma, xinh đẹp, giỏi giang nhưng vẫn độc thân: Tiêu chuẩn chọn bạn đời là “không làm ảnh hưởng tới công việc” - Ảnh 2.

Ly Dinh, Jack Ma’s powerful arm

Rich experience in the commercial sector

After graduating from school, Ly Dinh immediately went out to the society to find work. Because of holding a degree from a prestigious university, Ly Dinh’s career path is very convenient, many famous companies want to invite her to their company, including McKinsey & Company of the United States. There are news giants as well. Even for companies like UTStarcom, Ly Dinh used to hold the position of vice president. However, because he was an extremely talented person, Ly Dinh eventually chose to go to Silicon Valley, a famous “technology park” of the United States.

In Silicon Valley, the name Kleiner Perkins quickly attracted the attention of Ly Dinh, she applied and immediately accepted to work. Her hard work was quickly recognized by the company’s senior management. Soon after, she became a partner of the company at a very young age.

Kleiner Perkins in the US has a lot of business related to China, then Li Ding was in charge of business related to China. Her outstanding talent at the same time also brought her to Forbes magazine.

Người phụ nữ đứng đằng sau đế chế Jack Ma, xinh đẹp, giỏi giang nhưng vẫn độc thân: Tiêu chuẩn chọn bạn đời là “không làm ảnh hưởng tới công việc” - Ảnh 3.

Adored by Jack Ma

Working at Kleiner Perkins helped Ly Dinh get to know many Chinese businessmen, the most famous of which is Jack Ma.

In a normal work contact with Jack Ma, Ly Dinh left Jack Ma a very deep impression. At that time, the Alibaba company of Jack Ma was in a period of rapid development, and was in desperate need of talent like Ly Dinh.

After fully learning about Ly Dinh’s personal capacity and related background, Jack Ma decided to invite this girl to work for him. In order for Li Jing to come to work at Alibaba, Jack Ma was very sincere, he even flew from China to Silicon Valley more than once to talk to Li Ding.

During the process of meeting, Jack Ma even offered Ly Dinh a Rolls Royce and added generous subsidies so that she could return to China to work without any worries. make Ly Dinh shake. After all, Li Ying is still Chinese, and she still has feelings for Chinese companies. Finally, the girl decided to join the country billionaire.

Since Ly Dinh joined Alibaba, Jack Ma has been like a tiger growing wings. At that time, Jack Ma was planning to establish Yunfeng fund, to create conditions for the Yunfeng fund to develop better, and at the same time to give Li Ding the opportunity to “unleash creativity”, he gave Yunfeng fund to Li Ding squirrel”. How much he must trust Ly Dinh, Jack Ma dares to hand over his huge amount of money to someone who has just returned to his company.

Người phụ nữ đứng đằng sau đế chế Jack Ma, xinh đẹp, giỏi giang nhưng vẫn độc thân: Tiêu chuẩn chọn bạn đời là “không làm ảnh hưởng tới công việc” - Ảnh 4.

Lying herself is not in line with Ma Van’s expectations. During her time working at the Yunfeng Foundation, she has brought a huge profit to the development of the Fund. At first, Yunfeng Fund was only billions in size, but after that, Lee quickly grew to tens of billions, it can be said that the benefits that Ly Dinh brought to Ali were far beyond the conditions that Jack Ma used to. Promise her.

Li Jing has been with Jack Ma for about 10 years, her net worth has exceeded 10 billion yuan. However, when she was nearly 40 years old, Ly Dinh was still single. When asked what kind of partner she wants, she only uses 7 words “Do not interfere with work” to express her opinion.

Thien Ly Ma and Ba Lac are a relationship that develops together, without Thien Ly Ma there would be no Ba Lac, no Ba Lac, Thien Ly Ma would not have the space to develop to their fullest. Li Ding and Jack Ma is such a relationship, the two sides create perfect conditions for each other, creating a powerful Alibaba empire throughout the years.

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