The US carrier confirmed the hack of 100 million users

Tram Ho

A day after the leak of 100 million user data related to T-Mobile servers was discovered, the second largest US carrier has confirmed the incident. At the same time, T-Mobile said it had closed the vulnerability from which hackers exploited into its servers.

This carrier has not yet confirmed the number of affected users. “We are conducting in-depth analysis with digital forensic experts to verify these claims, and we are also actively coordinating with law enforcement,” T-Mobile said in a statement.

Nhà mạng Mỹ xác thực vụ bị hack 100 triệu người dùng - Ảnh 1.

T-Mobile has confirmed the hack, but said it has not found any affected customers.

With about 104 million subscribers as of the second quarter of 2021, this data breach could affect the majority of T-Mobile customers. Shares of T-Mobile on Nasdaq also fell 2.9% in late trading on Monday. The T-Mobile data leak was discovered by Vice on Sunday. The hacker said at the time that he had obtained 100 million customer data from T-Mobile’s servers. This person then sold 60 million data on the recently popular forum R*idforums for 6 Bitcoins (about 270,000 USD). The rest is being sold secretly through a private deal.

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